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Homemade Juice For Insomnia

If you have trouble in sleeping and asleep hard you can use natural ways instead of chemical drugs. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is a constant recommendation by practitioners and physicians that it is also a way of eliminating the problem of modern humans facing stress. Best And Effective Juices For Insomnia

In this article, you can learn how to prepare 6 delicious mixture with medicinal properties that help you to sleep and have a good rest. Try these ingredients to make some extracts with relaxing properties. Or mix different ingredients that fit your taste and end naturally with insomnia.


Beet and pineapple

This pink juice provides the necessary nutrients for sleep:

Pineapple: Rich in tryptophan is the substance that produces melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin helps you to sleep, but serotonin boosts your health.

Beet: It is remarkable because of the large number of magnesium that is associated with some types of insomnia. People with a lot of magnesium do not wake up and sleep a little during the night.


Banana, strawberry and spinach:

If you want to sleep better during the night, this creamy balanced extract at midnight is the best snack. Although it contains spinach, it has good banana and strawberry taste.

Bananas: They are excellent for the treatment of insomnia because they contain melatonin and the hormone of sleep. They also contain magnesium that helps muscle contraction

Strawberry: It also contains “melatonin”, whose hormones are secreted by the pineal gland.

Spinach: It’s prominent because it contains vitamin B6 and helps to produce melatonin and serotonin in the brain.



Cherry juice:

Precise studies at Louisiana State University in the United States have shown that drinking cherry juice twice a day for two weeks increases the time of sleep, as in people with insomnia, with drink regularly these two weeks, add about 90 minutes to their sleep and make them rest.


Tomato and lettuce:

This vegetables syrup is a good choice, you can eat this with olive oil, sea salt, garlic and vinegar.

Tomatoes: have a lot melatonin and full magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Lettuce: have relaxation properties. It also has analgesic properties that can help you if you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia. Juices For Insomnia


Carrot and almond

This delicious juice is also great for sight and skin and bone.

Carrot: just like spinach, carrots are rich in vitamin B.

Almonds: omega3 and omega6 fatty acids are essential. These nutrients help you get better sleep and get more energy.


Cherry and grain

This wonderful syrup it’s a little sour so you can mix with some honey.

Cherry: Contains melatonin and magnesium as well as other nutrients. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and help relieve muscle pain.

Grain: this is very exceptional. Not only are they energetic, they also provide relaxation properties to the nervous system. So they help fight insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Best And Effective Juices For Insomnia

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