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Important Secrets Of Body Language

In order to be able to read the mind and feel of the other person, you should know the important points of the body language’s personality; you can know more precisely in the person’s hand or even a laugh. The body language of the person can tell you the feelings and thoughts of the person without realizing, for example, frequent contact with the face is likely to indicate the person’s nervousness. All About Body Language To Know



Palms openness is a demonstration of ancient honesty. In the courts, to swear and tell the truth, the palm on the Qur’an and the palm of the other hand is directed at someone who is talked to, the palm of the hand is integrated with the concepts of truth, integrity, loyalty, and obedience.


Laughing and wrinkles around your eye

Low wrinkles around the eyes means an artificial. When you laughing naturally you have a lot wrinkles around your eye. In one study, the researchers found that people can easily pretend to be happy. If they may not be so much, the wrinkles around the eyes do not necessarily mean happy person.




Elevating eyebrows means sadness

Raising your eyebrows can indicate anxiety, amazement, or fear. With these interpretations, if someone with high eyebrows praised your new haircut, you might think it’s not honest. If the eyebrows are not broken and not up, the person probably is not upset. All About Body Language To Know


Shaking your leg

The shaking of the legs, which is also inside the individual, may be chaos, shaking legs can indicate anxiety, irritation, or both. Putting one foot on the other side can be a sign of resistance and a lack of respect and is not a good sign in the negotiations.


Eye contact

If a person in front of you with eyes open and staring at you is unusual, he is probably lying. Being staring at a stranger can mean fear or threat, but staring at a spouse can have a sex appeal.


Sound up and down

The tone of the voice of the people can be checked together in the context of the body language concept, and this is part of the way of knowing the body language of the individual, so if you find that when you speak to someone, his voice rises and goes down to This means that someone in front of you is interested in the topic of dialogue and follows it with pleasure. All About Body Language To Know

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body language is so useful in all ocassions

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