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4 Delicious Smoothie For Hunger In Your Diet

At the time of the diet, we can feel hunger that can be eliminated with low calorie content such as lactating milk and delicious smoothies of hunger. Awesome Smoothies For Hunger In Diet

Oatmeal milk good option for vegetarians because it is not a dairy product and is made from the oat. Oatmeal milk is also highly recommended by nutritionists because it contains a lot of vitamins and essential minerals, rich in nutrients such as fiber, calcium, useful carbohydrates, vitamin B, proteins and amino acids; now let’s take a look at these 4 mixture of oatmeal milk.


Pear and oatmeal milk

Just add a bowl of milk to the oatmeal and then add the oats; after a few minutes, mix the oats and use milk to make smoothies and desserts.



Pear                          2pcs

Sugar                         3tbsp

Oatmeal milk           half of a glass

Ice                              required amount

Wash the pears and peel them then chop.

Add all ingredients together and drink with ice.


Fruits and oatmeal


Pear                     1pcs

Pineapple           150gr

Kiwi                     1pcs

Oatmeal milk     3/4 cup

Honey                 2tbsp

First peel fruits then add to oatmeal milk and mix.

Add honey. You can use pineapple or kiwi for garnish too. Smoothies For Hunger In Diet


Dogwood with oatmeal milk

This is highly recommended as it improves diseases like urinary tract infection. Dogwood are also antioxidants and disinfectants. Dogwood can also prevent cardiovascular disease and have important effects on the harmful bacteria in the stomach and digestive tract.



Oatmeal milk                         half of cup

Dogwood                               1/3 cup

Cinnamon                           3tbsp


At first wash dogwoods then pour in a mixer and oatmeal milk. Mix them well. Then add other ingredients.




Banana and oatmeal milk

Banana is rich in potassium but also rich in vitamins C, B, A, E and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, fiber and carbohydrates. It has a lot of fat and calories. So it’s a good fruit for these blends.



Oatmeal milk                     half of glass

Greek yogurt                     1/4 cup

Banana                               1cup

Honey                                 2tbsp

Cinnamon                          1/2tbsp

Mix banana, milk and yogurt let stir well. Then add other ingredients and after few minutes you can serve it. Awesome Smoothies For Hunger In Diet

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