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Disadvantages Of Lipstick

Lipstick is recognize as the first cosmetic tool, and is constantly used by women. The lipstick, which is widely use today among people, contains chemicals that are very harmful. What Are The Harmful Of Lipstick

Lead is a toxic substance that is absorbed through the skin and is very harmful to the body. Unfortunately, a high percentage of lipsticks have iron oxide, polyethylene and titanium dioxide, and the risk of developing pulmonary and breast cancers when using it is high.


Lipstick ingredients

Although the amount of each of these materials varies in the production of lipsticks, but the main ingredients of the lipstick are as follows:



Wax is use as an elemental component in the lipstick due to its high fecundity. A combination of three waxes   found in the lips: bee wax, Mandelaceous wax and Carnabas wax, which are taken from Brazilian palm leaves and more expensive than other waxes. Harmful Of Lipstick



Castor oil, vegetable oil, lanolin and mineral oil are used in the preparation of lipsticks. Cocoa butter is also a component of the body.

Wax and oil are the most important components of the lipstick and they contain about 60% of the weight.




Toxic substances in lipsticks


Leading effects in the event of unauthorized use of this substance in the combination of lipstick and eating it include infertility, anemia, mental retardation and cancer.


Coal tar

It is use as a pigment for red coloring. This toxic mixture, if swallowed, causes nausea, headache and burning of the skin.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngLake colors

The use of water-soluble lakes (caused by chemical reactions, plants and rocks in the rivers) are very toxic and carcinogenic, which stimulate the skin and cause skin cancers. Harmful Of Lipstick



Due to the presence of chemical compounds, these types of perfumes can cause inflammation, dryness and cracking of the lips.

Based on the data collected, regardless of the absorption of cosmetics, women during their lives swallow about 2 kg of lipstick, which significantly increases the risk of breast and lung cancer in women.

Now that you have discovere the ingredients of the lipstick, be careful when choosing it, and pick up a rosette that contains as much natural ingredients as possible and no toxic substances are use. What Are The Harmful Of Lipstick

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