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Makes Your Lips Beautiful By Cinnamon

Cinnamon has regenerative and irritating properties, which softens the lips and increases blood flow and that increasing blood flow makes the lips become more intense. If you have thin lips and you want to change it without spending a lot of money and beauty, then read this part of best life, we’ll teach you how to do it with cinnamon. All Big Effects Of Cinnamon On Lips


Cinnamon and coconut oil

Cinnamon is a spice that can increase lips for a few hours. This ability is due to the irritability that occurs in our mouths. Therefore, along with the use of cinnamon, coconut oil should also be used to reduce the effect of cinnamon irritation and also to wet the lips. To remove the rest of the cinnamon, wash the lips. Do not forget to first test this mixture on your hands to make sure you do not mix this allergic reaction.


Cinnamon and Vaseline

Vaseline is a substance that has a moisturizing and soothing properties and reduces the burning and irritability of cinnamon, so use this combination to increase your lips. Effects Of Cinnamon On Lips



Mix 1tbsp cinnamon powder with some Vaseline. Rub the mixture on your lips and massage in a small rotation, until the blood flow to that part and wash it after 10 minutes. Use this remedy once or twice a week.




Cinnamon and pepper

This combination of cinnamon mixes with black pepper and olive oil; black pepper, like cinnamon, has irritating properties that activates circulation in the affected area and results in larger lips. We use olive oil for its excellent moisturizing properties, which reduces the potential irritation caused by the use of cinnamon and pepper. Effects Of Cinnamon On Lips



Mix 1/2tbsp of cinnamon with 1/2tbssp of black pepper and 1tbsp olive oil in a bowl. Rub this mixture on your lips with a toothbrush and massage for a few minutes. When you feel the lips are swol wash your lips.

It is advised to make sure that you do not have any allergic to these materials before using this beautiful trick; to make sure that you can apply a little bit of the mixture first and check whether there is a negative reaction to your body or not. All Big Effects Of Cinnamon On Lips

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