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Which Blood Type Is More Susceptible To Disease And Cancer?

Blood tests help determine early stage cancer, there is a clear genetic field for all types of blood type AB, A, B who have blood clots or begin to develop varicose veins. These blood clots, if not treated, can go to lungs and endanger a person’s life. After analyzing data about 66,000 people for more than 30 years, a study showed that people with blood type A, B and AB had a 40% higher risk of developing Have a blood clot. Blood Type For Disease And Cancer


Heart disease

According to studies, people with an AB blood type have a 23 percent higher risk of developing heart disease compared with those in the blood-type O group.

People with Blood type B are at increased risk by 11%, while people with type A have a 5% higher risk.

More talent for high cholesterol was also found in people with a blood type A.

On the other hand, people with blood type O have the least risk of heart attacks.

Fortunately, these genetic talents can be controlled by following a healthy lifestyle and adopting dietary standards that help minimize the risks for you and your family.





According to a study conducted in 2015, the risk of gastric cancer in people with a blood type A is higher than that of the blood group O.

On the other hand, people in the O blood group are more likely to develop stomach ulcers.

On the other hand, having a blood type B or an AB increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Problems with reproduction and fertility

Women with O-group have a low ovarian reserve that leads to high levels of FSH and leads to infertility.

In the case of pregnancy, pregnant women, mismatch with fetal blood can occur if they do not have the same RH (negative-negative), and this causes the body of the body to react as if it is susceptible to the fetus, which can be Damage it. The solution is an injectable drug that the practitioner specializes in. Blood Type For Disease And Cancer


Healthy diet

O: You can eat meat, fish, fruits and vegetables; it is recommended to limit the consumption of cereals, legumes.

A: The best foods for this type of vegetable, soy cheese, fish, seafood, beans, beans and fruits. You must limit the consumption of meat, dairy, lemon and wheat.

B: All meat, except chicken, is good for them. It is also recommended to consume dairy products, beans, legumes and vegetables.

AB: They can eat fish and seafood, dairy products, beans, fruits and vegetables on an average, although they should avoid red meat. Blood Type For Disease And Cancer

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