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The Food That Washing Them Is Wrong

Observe to the proper principles for washing food before taking one of the important health issues is nutrition that should be taken seriously. How To Solve The Wrong Washing Of Foods


Rub some substances on egg to prevent bacterial damage. Water removes this protective substance so don’t wash it.



Fresh chicken bacteria are very dangerous to our health. The most famous of these bacteria is Salmonella. A lot of people think that washing a chick before it bakes it solves this problem, but they make a mistake. By washing the chicken, the bacteria are transferred to your hand with water and sink.

If you cook it right, all bacteria will be killed. Professional cookers say that it is best to boil the chicken twice: after the first boiling, you need to change the water and continue to boil.





Just like chicken, you should not wash the meat, because washing the meat contaminates the bathroom sink and hands into dangerous bacteria. You can kill bacteria by cooking at high temperatures.

Note: Dry the surface of the meat with a tissue paper before cooking. After that, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Wrong Washing Of Foods



We do not know who offered wash macaroni. Professional chefs say that washing pasta emasculate its starch and its sauce will not to be good.

You can rinse it after cooking if you want to eat it with a salad or fry.



You can’t wash mushrooms for a long time because the mushrooms easily absorbs water. Just before cooking it’s best to wash it quickly and dry it with a tissue. Soaking the fungus destroys them and makes it soft. How To Solve The Wrong Washing Of Foods

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i didnt know that we should wash the macoroni

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