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10 Body Organs Not Being Washed Correctly

Rubbing soap is not accidental on the body, which should be regularly helped to clean, fresh and harmless from bacteria, but you do not do well. The Body Organs That Wash Not Correctly



Certainly, you washed your hair, but how much do you look at the scalp? Daily hair washing is not required, to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells, massage the scalp daily with hot water, but also help to kill dead cells that can cause dandruff and skin itching, redness of the body.



Although the waist is wet in the bathroom, it does not clean up by itself. Wash with soft tissue or a bath sponge, a lotion to reduce the risk of skin infections. The Body Organs That Wash Not Correctly


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngUnder your nails

You know that you’re only doing half the work when washing your hand after toilet, sneezing, touching raw meat, and so on. Soak the cotton with warm water and soap and place it under your nails to remove bacteria gently. Keeping the nails short can help prevent the growth of bacteria.


Behind the ear

Back of the ear the area is warm and full of fat glands that secrete fat, and If not cleaned daily it may start to produce an odorous odor.


The sole and shin

Many people think that the legs in the bathroom are cleaned only with soap and water, but that’s not the case. It is important to use foot stones if you are sweating heavily, or wearing slippers. Rinse your hands thoroughly with soap every day, and dry to don’t get infected fungus.





The navel is warm and the cleft is bulge and makes it a good place to hide the bacteria. “Clean the navel with cotton-impregnated cotton and soap, alcohol. If the umbilical cord is pierced, it is also important to prevent it from getting it regularly.



Most people often think about oral hygiene when they talk about their teeth and they do not have enough attention in their tongue and they think they are cleansed with mouthwashes. If the tongue is not cleaned regularly, bacteria accumulate on it and cause it. Bad smell and teeth breakdown clean your tongue with a toothbrush. The Body Organs That Wash Not Correctly


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngBack of the neck

The back of the neck is warm and can often be moist, especially if you have long hair or exercise regularly, it can absorb bacteria. Clean it daily with mild soap and a hot and humid bath sponge.



This area is usually warm, so the probability of bacterial growth increases and creates an unpleasant odor. Use soap for the genital area, because it is sensitive. It’s enough to wash it once a day with soap, but if you’re exercising, it’s best to shower.



Often you put elbows on dirty surfaces in your everyday life, for example, tables, tables restaurants, without being aware that they can act as a portal to the bacteria and lead to skin infections. Wash these areas daily with soap and water. The Body Organs That Wash Not Correctly

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