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9 Banned Devices In The Bedroom

Are you the ones who organize your bedroom, or just restrict yourself to sleeping there, and no matter what it is? Regardless of how you are, you can do this to increase the availability of these essential things in your home. Do you know there are certain things that you should not keep in your bedroom? Yes, there are some prohibitions that you obviously ignore. All The Banned Devices In The Bedroom



Many people have flowers around their house, while having it in the bedroom is not a good idea. This has nothing to do with the ridiculous myth that it says that the flowers are stealing your oxygen at night, and more energy-related. Also, the flowers will die in the room, as well as the flowers can collect dust and which is very harmful to people with allergies, but the positive aspects of keeping flowers in the room also, remember that plants control the temperature, reduce noise and have a sedative effect.


Bright colors

The color in the bedroom is important so that the orange, red and yellow colors represent the energy of fire, which is quite contrary to the rest in the bedroom, while for positive enthusiasm, it also creates a motive for jealousy and distrust. Instead, we suggest colors with brown background.





Laying down and watching TV is undoubtedly a pleasure that most people enjoy, although this is not a good alternative to the bedroom. Televisions and wireless devices like Wi-Fi at night, emit rays that are harmful to sleep in the night. If you can’t remove them from your bedroom, please place a quartz next to it, since the power absorbs it. All The Banned Devices In The Bedroom


Dirty clothes closet

A tumultuous closet is one of the things you need to avoid in the bedroom. These are the things that prevent the entry of new energies, as well as the decision to throw away things that you do not need. It’s a plan for your life that’s about return to material things.



One of the main warnings is in relation to the place where we rest, the mirrors reflect energy, so the energy between your body and the mirror is transmitted overnight. You can move the mirror into another room. Which is another option that does not transmit energy to your body when you are sleeping. All The Banned Devices In The Bedroom

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m0namona September 8, 2018 at 5:12 am

i really hate the dirty clothes in the bedroom

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