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The Device You Did Not Know Can Be Washed With A Washing Machine

One of the most used appliances is the washing machine that all family members need in some way and will not be problematic in modern life, we do not want to talk about the benefits of washing. Amazing Washing In The Washing Machine



Put dolls in a lace bag and put the washing machine in rinse mode. Use cold water (warm water or hot water to melt down the doll glue) and reduce the amount of rinse aid.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngOven gloves

Add oven gloves and kitchen utensils to other towels and clothes that need to be washed.


Baseball cap

Anti-stick spray to the baseball hat and let it stay for five minutes. Wash the hat with a short time and cold water program. Arrange the shape of the cap and let it dry.



Separate thread and put sneakers in a pillowcase to prevent from knocking. If you’re worried about the noise, get some towels in the laundry). Pour a detergent liquid with a little vinegar to the inside of the machine. Put the laundry in cold water. After washing, let the door closets and sockets dry.




Small toys

Pour small toys like lego, bath dolls or balls that your dog plays with in a lavatory bag. Rinse them thoroughly to make them clean.



Rinse pillows in mild warm water. To ensure that the soap is washe thoroughly, rinse again with cold water. Amazing Washing In The Washing Machine


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngBath curtain

Rinse the bathroom curtain with the usual amount of washing liquid. To clean up more than a few towels, wash it at the same time, finally hang it to dry.


Backpack and mess

Open the backpack pockets and empty everything in it. If large particles and small particles are inside them, thoroughly clean them with a seamless series in a vacuum cleaner. Put the backpack in a washbasin or pillowcase and wash it in mild and cold water with a little fluid.



Shake the rug to remove dirty particles, then place it in the washing machine with a few towels. Place the machine in cold water and rinse half the usual amount of washing liquid. After drying, dry in the air. (Do not throw in the washbasins behind the plastic ones.) Amazing Washing In The Washing Machine


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