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Ice Therapy

All About Ice Therapy Advantages  started in Manila in the early 2000s in Mexico and is a technique of innovative massage, which can be of great use with proper diet and exercises. Have you ever heard of this technique, which Ice therapy is called a cold and can be used to lose weight, have you heard anything?


Ice therapy benefits

Destroys fats.

It tightens the tissues and, naturally, alleviates the skin.

Improves blood flow.

Only a few sessions reduce the size.

Ice therapy can be useful for people over 40 years of age.

It helps to loosen the firmness of the loose skin and fits the hips, chest and abdomen, and those who find it dull.

If you have tried other techniques, such as being exposed to heat, and you have not even reduced one gram, you may want to become an ice cream therapist and try to try it. If you do not believe it, think about the emotion that you get after a cold bath or ice water pool. All About Ice Therapy Advantages




There are many different things on the market that increase the efficiency of ice protection if used at home. For example, there are various types of natural oils and plants that, in addition to peeling, help to strengthen and tighten the skin. You can make ice with the following benefits:

Anti-stretch ice

Ice to straighten the abdomen

Ice to reduce the size

It the face

Ice for postpartum



3tbsp lavender

1tbsp rosemary

3tbsp coffee powder

2glass green tea

1/2lit water

Boiled the ingredients for 15 minutes then let it cool to room temperature then fill in a plastic container and place in the freezer to freeze. After freezing, massage them into a circular motions on the area. All About Ice Therapy Advantages

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foroghmovahedzade September 8, 2018 at 6:09 am

ice is natural and can have less damage

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