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Good Tricks To Use High Heels

All women love wearing high heeled shoes, but they are not comfortable with it and can’t walk comfortably, they are good solutions to this problem. Some Important Tricks Of High Heels

First, I need to tell the exact size of the shoes. Using a large or small size can damage your legs. It may seem clear, but sometimes we forget, and it’s very important to be able to work well with high heels so you have to try each pair, walk with them and make sure the heel The shoes do not annoy you. By ensuring they are aligned correctly, body weight will be better spread and will prevent any possible damage.

If you do not get used to wearing high heels, or if you normally damage your feet, do not buy a shoe that is longer than 5 cm.


Using dilatation spray

Some of the shoes in front of it are remarkably slim. The legs are usually swollen after a little use, such as at night, after all the day’s feet are in the shoes, we recommend the following:

Spray inside the shoes.

Wearing shoes.

Walking with shoes for 20 minutes. After 24hours repeat these levels.

Do these steps until to fit your shoes. Tricks Of High Heels


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngStick your fingers

This is an easy and effective tick. By using roll bandage stick your third and fourth finger and the reason is it controls the nerve responsible for transmitting symptoms of pain.


Using sticky patches

These patches are good for the legs. They prevent the waxing of shoes just like a pair of socks. It’s great when the shoes damage a particular area on the foot because they relieve the pain and allow you to continue to wear shoes.




Put a shoes in freezer

This tricks is great for tight shoes. Freezing shoes increase the size also the cold is better for the circulation and by putting it you can reduce the pain. Some Important Tricks Of High Heels


Pour water in 2 plastics.

Put shoes in plastics and put it in freezer.

Let it freeze for hours after that you can wearing your shoes.


 Some easy solutions for wearing high heel shoes

Wear your high heel shoes sometimes during the day to get a bit comfortable.

Wear them with socks at home. It’s just a week to do.

Use hairdryer. Using warm wind,

When you do not wear your shoes, put a silicone gel in it, as it works to keep the shoes wet and keep them from running low. Some Important Tricks Of High Heels

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m0namona September 4, 2018 at 5:22 am

the sticky patches are great and i use alot

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