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Homemade Softener Clothing

There are several ways to make this type of product at home, and you probably have all the necessary ingredients at home so now we want to show you a variety types with different materials. The ideal option is to try all of them and then choose which one suits you best and gives you the best results; before you begin, you need a container to hold the softener you have. You can use bottles of water or emptying bottles. How To Make Homemade Softener Clothes


Softener with white vinegar

1/2lit white vinegar

1lit mineral water

2tbsp baking soda



Mix water with vinegar. Then add some baking soda and let it solved.

After it solved your softener is ready.

Vinegar also acts as a staining cleanser and also eliminates odor. So you can add it to the clothes you want to wash when you have coffee or sweat spills. Soak it 10 minutes before washing, then rinse it in a washing machine naturally. How To Make Homemade Softener Clothes





White vinegar and herbal oils

1lit white vinegar and 10 drops of your favorite herbal oil. Mix these ingredients together and use.


Baking soda, sea salt and herbal oil

15drops your favorite herbal oil

250gr sea salt

75gr baking soda.

How To Make Homemade Softener Clothes


At first add 15 drops oil to sea salt. Then add baking soda and stir to smooth. When everything mix you can use this softener.



These three non-chemical substances are also ideal for baby clothes, because they contain no unknown ingredients.

On the other hand, if you have skin allergies, you may want to use these softeners to prevent the risk of skin reactions. Also, the raw materials are very simple and do not cost a lot.

Ultimately, the other advantage of this softener is that they can get rid of the bacteria left in the washing machine. Therefore, not only will you take care of your clothes but also a washing machine. How To Make Homemade Softener Clothes

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