Monday, March 18, 2019
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

Make Nail polish At Home

Enjoy the nail polish with very simple ingredients at home and enjoy the beauty of your hands with your own makeup. Just nicely make your own nail polish, and get use to it with the method in this section. Let’s make it harder for your nails to beautify your hands so you can enjoy your nail polish that made by yourself. How To Have Homemade nail Polish





Eye shadow


2glass of nail shine



Make a small funnel with a small paper that has a same size of spout of glass. Now it’s your turn to choose the color of your nail polish. Remove your favorite color of shadow. Break the shadow that you have choose and make it completely powdered. Homemade nail Polish

Now it’s time to pour the shadow into the glasses. Put the funnel into spout of glass and pour the shadows into the funnel. If a part gets stuck at the end of the funnel, you can use a thin, sharp tip like a slit Reject the teeth. At this point, your color powder is completely embede in the nail glass and it’s time to mix it; shake the glass for about a minute, so that the shadow color is completely spread in the nail glass; your nail polish is ready. Be careful that each time before use, shake the glass well, if the materials are deposite. How To Have Homemade nail Polish

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does it have the same quality like the exact ones?

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