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Low Calorie Dinner

If you want a healthy diet, then you should have low-calorie dinner, which will also help prevent any digestion problem during the night. Proposed Trick This part fitness is a light dinner, beans, and cereals, they are quick to make and feel satiety, but not much. Great Details Of Low Calorie Dinner

Empty half of the avocado and fill with minced meat and any other stuff you like. Some of the grate options include:

Tomato, cucumber, apple, fresh parsley, scallion, corn and chopped carrot.

Serve avocado as a bowl.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngLettuce roll

You can roll the lettuce and fill it with anything that you have in refrigerator like:

Brown rice, avocado, pepper, onion, broccoli, cabbage, bean, corn and chopped carrot.

For rolling the lettuce just use crispy parts.


Potato salad

Steam small potatoes and then let it cool. Use two or three potatoes. Just chopped them and mix chopped carrot, onion, red pepper, olive and tomatoes. Flavor with vinegar and lime. You can add some mayonnaise.




 Fruit salad

Use all fruits that you have like: apple, pineapple, watermelon, banana and berries…

Minced all ingredients with yogurt, lime juice and a few leaves of mint.

You can add some cinnamon or coconut cream. Before making salad freeze the fruits. Details Of Low Calorie Dinner


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngCooked vegetables

Another great option for dining with low-calorie vegetables. The important thing is that you can prepare them for a good day and have a few meals a week. Serve this dinner with wheat bread and delicious sauce.



A great ultimate idea for a dinner with a low calorie soup. Start with a light soup, like water with a few mushrooms, a little vegetables, if you like. Of course, you can also pour the brown rice into it.



Gaspacho is a delicious Spanish food. Some tips for making this food is: before you making soup chop the cucumber and put it in vinegar, salt and lime juice. You can also add fried garlic. Great Details Of Low Calorie Dinner

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