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Aloevera Mask

Aloevera is one of the many herbs that have many properties for skin and hair. One of the most important properties of Aloe Vera is to eliminate facial blemishes. Come with us to tell you how to eliminate facial wax with Aloevera mask. Important Magic Of Aloevera Mask

We know that Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties. For centuries, it has been used to heal the wound, eliminating the pain and burning ointment. Most people are not allergic to Aloevera and topical use has a very low risk.


 Aloevera, honey and cinnamon

Mix two tablespoons of pure honey with a spoonful of Aloevera. The mixture should be well-primed, but not too loose. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to the mixture and immediately place the mask on the face. Allow five to ten minutes on the face and then rinse it thoroughly. Magic Of Aloevera Mask


Aloevera and lemon

To make this mask, use two tablespoons of fresh aloe over the base and add a quarter to a teaspoon of lemon juice. If you need more of this mask to cover your whole face, be sure to keep the ratio of 8 to 1 of aloe vera to lemon, so your skin will not be damaged by the acidity of the lemon. Allow the mask to remain on your face for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.




Antibacterial spray

In a 60 ml spray container, mix eleven units of pure water with two units of Aloe Vera and add one to two drops of the desired oil. Now have a cooling spray and anti-irritation spray. When using, be careful not to contiguity the mixture with your eyes and shake the mixture well before use. Important Magic Of Aloevera Mask


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngAloevera, coconut and sugar

Use coconut oil as a base. Add half a cup of raw or white sugar to half a cup of coconut oil, mix well, and then add one fourth of a cup of Aloe Vera gel to the mixture. This mixing agent can be kept in the refrigerator. When using the mixture, rub it firmly on the skin, do not look into the eye area. After use, rinse thoroughly with water.


Aloevera and tea tree oil

Use Aloe Vera as a base. Add two to three drops of tea tree oil in pure water and mix with aloe vera. One minute after mixing on the face of the skin, rinse the skin thoroughly and dry.


There are many ways to use Aloe Vera to treat rashes. If your rashes are mild or normal, research results are in your favor: Aloevera is a strong bacterium and an effective treatment for the blemishes. The use of Aloevera in a skin care program is of great interest to many people due to its very low risk and high success rate. Important Magic Of Aloevera Mask


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