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Simple Mistakes Before Bedtime

Smooth and healthy skin plays an important role in the beauty of your face. This is the health of your skin that shows your age at first sight. Today’s story tells you eight common mistakes before bedtime. Stay with us All The Big Mistakes Before Bedtime


Sleep with makeup

You know that you should wash all your makeup before bed, if you do not do this or do not do it right, you’ll add years to your face. The night before going to sleep, you have to do a series of habits to brighten your skin and avoid having to do a series of habits. Cleansing makeup before bedtime is a good sleep habit.


Don’t wash your face

Even if you do not have a make-up, it is necessary to wash your face so that the spills that are seated on your face throughout the day are cleared. When you are asleep, your skin is restored, meaning that dead skin cells are destroyed and fresh cells are replaced. All Mistakes Before Bedtime




Hot water

Washing the face with hot water is one of the major mistakes of people. Hot water causes the fragility of the capillaries to be fragmented, and the skin is gradually drawn to destruction, in addition to drying the natural oils that are present in the skin and causing it to come into contact sooner than the prescribed time. “Very hot water can burn your skin and cause it,” he says. All The Big Mistakes Before Bedtime


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngNo use of moisturizer

Using a moisturizer before bedtime is beneficial for everyone because it increases collagen production and reduces collagen degradation. The skin care method is two-stage moisturizing:


Wash your face and apply a suitable moisturizer.

Wash your pillow inappropriately

Scented chemicals can cause itching in your skin while you sleep. It is recommended to wash your pillows with flavorless detergents at least once a week. To wash your pillow, also pay attention to the following points:

Shake it before pouring on it to remove dust.

Use cold water for flushing.

After a pillow wash be sure to dry it in the open air and sunlight.


Mobile rays

Overtaking your phone, tablet, or tablet before bed can ruin your sleep, which can put you at risk of cancer and depression. Having enough sleep is essential for the body. Inadequate sleep leads to blockage of skin holes and acne. Excessive consumption on the phone before bed does not only affect the quality of the skin, because it can increase the lines around the eyes. When the bedroom is dark, if you hold your hand straight to your face, you will get skin itching and wrinkles over time. All Mistakes Before Bedtime

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