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The Right Tea For Different Blood Type

Tea is known as one of the healthiest drinks and its effect varies according to the blood type. Tea is an indescribable drink of much of the month. Follow this topic if you want to know which tea is suitable for blood groups. Suitable Tea For Each Blood Type


Blood type A

People with blood type A are emotional and analytic people who are stressed. For these people, a combination of jasmine, green tea, spring flowers and thyme will be great. So they have less stress and more relaxation. Suitable Tea For Each Blood Type




Blood type B

People with blood type B have a low metabolic rate. Autoimmune diseases, obesity and anxiety are one of their diseases. These people need to drink fresh green tea without any added supplementation to increase metabolism or use plain black tea without any sugar.


Blood type AB

The AB blood type is introverte and insightful, which is why they are not too stresse. Their libido is less, so a variety of green tea with peppermint and mint, sandalwood, nettle is good for these people, which is highly recommende for the combination of green tea and mint that is very useful for them.


Blood type O

These people should refrain from drinking milk and gluten. Even if they have no stress, their stomach acid is heavily annoye throughout life. The green tea ginger is great for these people, these people will always have ginger in their tea to enhance their digestive system. Suitable Tea For Each Blood Type

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nafas1374 September 3, 2018 at 5:28 am

i am blood type b and good tips

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