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Principles Of Skin Cleansing

Facial wash is one of the simplest and most basic skin care and basic principles of hygiene, which, while not being easy, can be harmful if it is not done properly and can cause complications such skin dryness, skin sensitization or fattiness. Best Principle Of Best Skin Cleansing


Best detergent

An appropriate detergent that is suitable for skin type without damaging the natural fat of the skin, eliminates the contamination and residue from the skin. In general, good detergent should not be so weak that you have to wash your face several times to remove contamination. At the same time, it should not be too strong to dry your skin. Best Principle Of Skin Cleansing


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngRinse well

Another important point is the rinse of the face after washing with detergent that is more or less neglected to completely remove the detergent from the skin. Sometimes in the hair line or the beard line some detergent remains that can make it sensitive. So, after washing, be sure to thoroughly clean the detergent from your skin.


Soft towel

After you have finished washing, you should use soft towels when drying your skin. After washing, the skin is more sensitive to ordinary conditions and rough towels can damage it.





If your skin is dry and sensitive, do not forget to use a moisturizing cream after washing the skin. It is very important to use these products after washing the skin to protect it. Best Principle Of Best Skin Cleansing

Suitable brush

If you want to use a brush to wash your face, be sure to consider fitting it with your skin. Skin brushes can be beneficial if they are taken at a moderate level per week and not too rough, but if the brush is rough or used regularly to dry and redden skin, it can be damaging.


3 points about brushes

These brushes last two to three times a week for normal skin and two to three times a month for sensitive skin. Excessive use of the strong molding feature of these brushes can cause damage to the skin.

Brushes should be selected and used according to the type of skin you have. This product can be harmful to sensitive skin.

Apart from skin cleansers, some materials, such as perfumes, cosmetics, and compounds such as parabens, which we use on our skin throughout the day, can be harmed to the skin when using a brush or strong detergent simultaneously. Best Principle Of Best Skin Cleansing

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