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Don’t Put These Food In Microwave


Did you know there are certain foods that can be poisoned by microwave oven to warm up?

To start, the microwave can’t cook in the same and equal way, which means some bacteria in the food can survive. Microwave can directly contribute to the production of some carcinogenic toxins. Avoid These Foods In Microwave


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngBoiled egg

Whether with skin without skin, when a boiled egg is placed inside the microwave, the moisture inside it causes excessive water vapor, just like a slowdown, to the point where eggs may explode, it may get worse and when it comes to microwave, it explodes in your hands or on your plate. Avoid These Foods In Microwave


Mother’s milk

Many of mothers freeze their milk for last use. This method is good until the microwave milk is heated. Just as a microwave oven can’t heat up the same plate, it does not have the same power in a milk bottle, instead it creates hot spots that can seriously cause a baby’s mouth and throat. Also heating milk in a plastic bottle also makes it possible to carcinogenize it.





Processed meats contain chemicals and preservatives that help their longevity and shelf life. Unfortunately, microwave ovens make these compounds worse for your health. Warming processed meat with microwave radiation helps form the cholesterol oxidation, it is known that this substance can damage the net cholesterol to the arteries.



Heating rice in microwave can easily cause food poisoning. Uncooked rice contains spores of bacteria that can survive in the warming process. Once you bring rice out of the microwave and put it at room temperature, these bacteria will resume activity and can cause diarrhea and vomiting in the person. Avoid These Foods In Microwave



Chickens contains salmonella, it is essential to cook the meat thoroughly until these bacteria disappear. Since microwave can’t cook in the same way as whole foods, many salmonella bacteria may survive microwave ovens. Another is that the chicken has a high protein density and it is very important that the proteins break down at the same temperature. When some of the proteins are slower or faster than other breeds, they may get stomach upset.



If you want to leave your cabbage, celery or spinach for leftovers, you should throw them away to warm them with a microwave. Due to the high concentrations of nitrate in leafy vegetables, they can become toxic if heated. Due to warming with microwave, naturally occurring nitrates become nitrosamines that are carcinogenic. The same is true for beetroot and turnip, which is also rich in nitrate. Avoid These Foods In Microwave

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m0namona September 3, 2018 at 5:16 am

meat should be in microwave sooo carefully

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