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Hair mask with yogurt

Hair mask is one of the ways to repair the damage hair. We want to give you some hair masks with yogurt and teach you how to make them. Advantages Of Yogurt For Hair Mask

Hair mask for hair

the health of hair, can help to be so attractive. The damaged hair can be shaped so hard and they are dry. For repairing the damaged hair, there are so many different shampoos and softener in the shopping. If you prefer to avoid using the chemical products, you can use the yogurt for your hair. Yogurt is also use for softening the hair. The acid lactic in the yogurt can keep your hair so moisture. this is full of biotin that can repair all your damage hair and help to your brighten hair.


Yogurt mask with olive oil for softening the hair

Mix one spoon of olive oil with one glass of yogurt. Then rub this mask for 20 minutes after your shampoo. Then wash your hair with warm water and lemon juice. Advantages Of Yogurt For Hair Mask



Yogurt mask and banana for unruly hair

Unruly hair damage all the attract of our face and also will stop the growth of hair. The materials in the yogurt can remove all the unruly hair. Mashed a row banana and mix with a fatty yogurt. Rub this mix on your hair twice a week and wait 20 minutes.

The yogurt mask with egg white for hair strength

The acid lactic of yogurt can help the balance of Ph of hair. The protein of mask will strength the hair as we said. Mix one egg white so much. And mix with yogurt and this mix will soft all your hair. Rub this mask for 20 minutes every week. Advantages Of Yogurt For Hair Mask

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