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Dispose Your Unwanted Hair With 2 mask

After using this mask, the skin should be thoroughly washed. This method is quite normal and does not damage the skin, but it does take a few months to recover quickly. This mask removes excess hair from dark spots. How To Dispose Unwanted Hair With Mask

Unwanted hair is not pleasant on the face or anywhere, and it reduces the charm of humans. In this article, we’ll give you two easy and effective masks to remove excess hair.

Pea flour Pea flour, in this mask, excess fat destroys the skin. Red lentils, the same lentil slab is an excellent scrub for the skin. Other ingredients include sandalwood powder, rose water, turmeric and milk cream, all of which are for skin.


Pea flour mask ingredients

One spoon and one bowl

2tbsp pea flour

2tbsp sandalwood powder

1tbsp cream on the milk

1tbsp mustard oil and 1tbsp rose water. How To Dispose Unwanted Hair With Mask




For preparing this mask mix the ingredients together add some turmeric. Mix well until it shape like a paste.

Red lentil mask

Bowl and spoon

Half of glass red lentil

Grate the lentil to powder

2tbsp lentil powder

1tbsp clay

1tbsp sandalwood powder

2tbsp honey

Mix ingredients well until it shape like a paste.


You can use both mask for unwanted hair. Rub the mask on a part that have unwanted hair.

Let it dry.

After 20 minutes wash with cold water in the opposite position of hair growth.

You can use masks a few times in a week. How To Dispose Unwanted Hair With Mask

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unwanted hair always is annoying

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