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Tips For Wearing Jeans

Jeans are one of the costumes that are both feminine and masculine. Most women think that wearing jeans does not require any special kind of clothes and they can fit any jeans model with any dress and wear it anywhere. All The Best And Useful Tips For Jeans

There are some tips for women’s jeans with jeans, which they consider to be any fashionable lady.

Select the jean’s color to fit the location you are going to

If you want to wear jeans at work, choosing dark colors. Well its better wearing dark blue or balck jeans in formal places and you can choose light jeans for party. All Tips For Jeans




Wearing suitable shoes

If you decide to go to work, wear a shoe with your jeans, use a sport shoe. To go to more formal places, you can wear your jeans with a high heel shoe with a heel of about 5 cm. To go to the party, your jeans should be fitted with a pair of high heels, with a heel of 7 to 9 centimeters. Also, the bottom of your jeans should be tight and stick to your legs. All The Best And Useful Tips For Jeans

One of the clothes you can wear with jeans for having a brilliant set is wearing a silk blouse. It is best to choose the color of your silk blouse from neutral colors.

Color jeans are one of the almost new models in the fashion world that has its own fans. This jeans model is suitable for friendly parties.

It’s better to get these jeans with sport shoes or short soles with the same color theme of your jeans. All The Best And Useful Tips For Jeans

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