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The Right Way To Exfoliate Your body?


Knowing exactly how to exfoliate your skin the right way can you leave you not only feeling refreshed, but stimulate collagen to trigger healthy skin growth. The Ways To Exfoliate Body Points


The Right Tools For Start

A simple, soft washcloth can do the job for more sensitive skin. In slightly harder areas, such as the elbows, knees, and back, a gentle luffa can be used. For the arms and legs, opt for an exfoliating glove to promote gentle, yet effective exfoliation. For the heels, a pumice stone does wonders to remove thick, dead skin.





Use circular motions when exfoliating the body manually. Begin from the soles of the feet and work your way up to enable a circulation boost. This will not only leave you with plump skin, but help to reduce the appearance of cellulite due to the stimulated blood flow. The Ways To Exfoliate Body Points



Use grainy exfoliators for the body, instead of soap. Look for ingredients such as sea salt, brown sugar, oatmeal, or even ground apricot seeds or almonds. Be sure to apply a moisturizer specifically for the body that contains AHAs to help continue the exfoliating process throughout the day. AHAs work by chemically sloughing off dead cells.


How Often

Avoiding go overboard on the exfoliation. No more than once a week is ideal and in fact, too much exfoliation can leave your skin dry and damage the natural pH level of your skin. The Ways To Exfoliate Body Points

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