Monday, May 25, 2020
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3 Ways To maximize Your Time In The Gym


  1. Cut the combos

One of the things I see in the gym is combination moves where the person is performing a lower body exercise with an upper body move trying to work several muscle groups at the same time during the same workout. An example of a combination move would be a bicep curl with a lunge. A much better option with aesthetics in mind is to perform the exercises separately one after the other with different, appropriate weights. How To Maximize The Time In Gym




  1. Don’t forget the fundamentals

Plank rows are trendy right now and a lot of people give them the same amount of focus as more fundamental back exercises. (Plank rows are when you do a one-arm dumbbell row while planking.) The problem with plank rows is that they don’t allow you to lift nearly as much as you could if you did a normal dumbbell row in a bent-over stance.

  1. Find your sure footing

Finally, I often see people in the gym performing exercises on unbalanced surfaces such a bosu ball. Again, if the training goal is aesthetically based I want to be able to load the muscle I’m working and maximize my time in the gym. If I am performing squats on a Bosu for example, I am not going to be able to lift the amount it would be possible to squat on a stable surface. Performing exercises such as heavy lunges, deadlifts, and squats on unstable surfaces also pose a greater risk for injury so an easy swap is to stand on stable ground. You’ll be able to build more strength and burn more calories in the same amount of time just by having sure footing. How To Maximize The Time In Gym

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