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How to Set Wedding Shoes with Bridal Wear?


Choosing the right wedding shoes is one of the most important elements in the wedding party. Your wedding shoes should be comfortable and making you fashionable at the same time. For this reason, in this article, we are going to give you some important points for choosing your wedding shoes. How To Have Wedding Set And Tips


If your bride dress height is such that your shoes can be seen

If the height of your bridal dress is such that your shoes can be seen, your shoes should match with your dress. We recommend bridal open toe shoes for this bridal dress. You can even choose exactly from your bridal cloth for shoes. If this is not possible, try your shoes color same as color of your dress.




If your shoe isn’t visible

your bride dress height is such that your shoes is not visible, you can say that you are a lucky bride. Because you can use sport shoes and comfort instead of high-heeled bridal shoes. Be careful not to worry about the color of the shoes, you can use the color of Milky, White and gray.


If you like colorful shoes

There are a few suggestions for you if you would like to wear colorful wedding shoes, other than common colors:

You can set your shoes with your wedding bouquet.

If your dress has cloth flower, you can set your shoes with these cloth flowers.

If you use artificial and cloth flowers for your hair, you can set the colors of your shoes with the colors of these flowers.

And the last suggestion is to set up the color of the bride’s shoes with the colors of the flowers that are used for groom’s suit. How To Have Wedding Set And Tips


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55)High heeled shoes

This is a problem that depends on several factors:

If you and your husband height difference is less, you should not use high heel shoes. Because it shows you the taller of your husband, and this is not interesting in the movie and your wedding photos.

If you and your husband are almost tall and used a long crown for your hairstyles, you should use the sport bridal shoe.

If your height is much shorter than your husband, use high heel bridal shoes. Be careful that the heel of your shoe should be such that it does not shorten the height of your bridal wear.


Don’t forget sport and comfortable shoes

If you are interested in wearing high-heeled bridal shoes, you should know that these shoes can damage your toes and make you tired during your wedding. So, we suggest taking a pair of bridal sport shoes that matching with your bridal dress. How To Have Wedding Set And Tips



nafas1374 August 28, 2018 at 5:48 am

i can not wear high heels shoes because i am tall

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i love all the tips for brides

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