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Important Points In keeping A scarf

Pattern satin scarves are an official and suitable. If you are one of the women who care about buying them, it’s best to know how to keep them. The silk and satin scarves are very popular. These has high sensitivity and need special care to last longer so come along with us to find out. How We Can Keep A Scarf Well Easily


How to wash silk ?

To fixed color and fibers of silk wash them by hand.  Fill the pelvis with hot water and pour some washing powder then wash it gently and then rinse again. After the wash is finished never scrub them because they loses its form. It’ better to dry between 2 towels and flatten on a smooth surface, for washing silk or satin use mild and softener detergent.




Removing odors or stains of scarves

For removing stains you can use baking soda.



Dangle the scarves on a clothes tree. In this situation wrinkles will be less and easier to use. Preferably use multi-step racks or hangers for dangling .



To iron them that are sensitive, you should use the lowest ironing temperature and place it on top of the cloth to care for it. It is protecting the texture of this fabric. How We Can Keep A Scarf Well Easily

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m0namona August 28, 2018 at 5:35 am

so fantastic for removing stains

ashrafmaj August 28, 2018 at 6:16 am

good for washing silk scarf

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