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Short Men Mistakes Choosing Out Fit

Solutions that bring you closer to your ideal, with little change in appearance and coverage. Here are some of the mistakes that gentlemen wear in dresses. You also avoid them to make them look taller and more attractive than ever. How Short Men Should Choose Out Fit


The clothes that don’t fit your body

It’s not easy to find the clothes that are perfectly fit your body. Perhaps the people of the short-term think that in short dresses they look shorter, but this is wrong. If you do not fit your clothes, it looks disproportionate and ugly. Do not choose high-rise clothes. The more your clothes fit your body, the more attractive you will be. How Short Men Should Choose Out Fit


Bright colors

Dark and opaque colors show you slimmer, so if you have a slim and short, you should avoid wearing brightly colored clothes. In fact, any clothing that shows you more fat will also show you a shorter one. Since dark and opaque colors are less noticeable, they will also focus on your height. Therefore, others can’t really guess your true height, and you’ll also look taller.


Contrasting color

Monochrome colors lift the eye up, but the contrasting colors will smooth out your appearance, and shows you shorten. If you like to wear a color to your head, look for the same colors.




Horizontal striped

One of the rules for dressing for short people is to avoid clothes with horizontal lines. Of course, if the lines of clothing are very narrow, it does not hurt, but wearing clothes with broad lines will show you a shorter. How Short Men Should Choose Out Fit


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngBig coat

Many winter coats are large and thick and have plenty of details, such as buttons or collars. This coat model is not only attractive, but will also show you a shorter stature. On cool days, instead of wearing this coat model, it is advisable to wear a few layers of clothing or wear a thicker coat.


Colorful shoes

You may not pay attention to your shoes as much as you care about your clothes, but the shoes are also very important and effects of your height. For example, colored shoes attract the eyes, making you look shorter. So try to wear simple shoes and the color of your clothes. How Short Men Should Choose Out Fit

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good tips and can be so effective for one of my close friend

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