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8 Foods You can Freeze

Egg white

Egg whites are one of the most important foods that have many uses in the preparation of various foods. Fortunately, you can keep egg whites in the freezer for up to 12 months without causing any problems. Experts say that if you keep egg whites in the freezer before cooking for a night, the quality of this product increases during cooking. What Are The Foods We Can Freeze


Butter is one of the staple dairy products in many homes that can be placed inside a freezer. This is especially important for people who are unlikely to use butter until the end of the expiration date. Butter factory packaging should normally protect the inside, but you can pour the butter into a special freezer zip to prevent the odor or taste of the butter.


Carbohydrates are other foods that are good in cold weather. The crushed sandwich bread can remain in the freezer for about 3 months, while full baguette last for about 1 month in the freezer. Meanwhile, before reheating these breads on the stove or inside the oven, sprinkle very little water. Foods We Can Freeze


One of the foods that fits well in the freezer is potato chips. Freezing potato chips not only will increase the expiration date of this food by about 2 times, but also can make it crispy. Just before freezing this food, you should completely empty the air inside the package or bag.




Avocado is in the most expensive food group, and many people can’t eat all the avocados at one serving. However, you can keep Avocado in the freezer. To do this, you need to half an avocado from the middle, peel it immediately and put it into the zip to keep it in the freezer.


Full corn is one of the popular foods in the spring and summer. If you like to eat whole corn in other seasons, you can keep this appetizing food in the freezer for about a year. Note that the corn should be placed fully in the freezer with its leaves and roots of silk. Foods We Can Freeze


Some vegetables keep these foods completely dry, so they can be consumed at all times, but this method can eliminate the taste and aroma of plants and vegetables. However, plants like Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme and Mint remain well in the freezer. To do this, minced the vegetables, pour into the ice molds and add some water and olive oil to freeze. After freezing, put a special tray inside the freezer bag. With this trick, you can bring greens, as needed, like ice molds and add to stews, soups, and more.


Freezing the nuts helps to keep the natural fats in. Of course, this should be done using special containers that prevent air trapping. In this case, the nuts in the freezer will keep for 8 months. What Are The Foods We Can Freeze

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