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Healthy Living The Kiwi Way

Kiwi is an exotic fruit that originated in China, with a fuzzy outer skin and juicy flesh. What fruit provides 273% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C in every one-cup serving – five times that of an orange, and is a natural immune booster that staves off colds and flu? It’s kiwifruit, of course! Rich in trace elements, minerals, and vitamins, the kiwi quickly conquered the global market with its unique, exceptionally sweet and sour taste! How To Have Healthy Life With Kiwi

Why introduce kiwi into our daily diet?   

It is rich in vitamin C. Consumption of a single kiwi-fruit can cover the human organism’s daily requirement in this vitamin. It is also an excellent source of vitamins A, E and B complex, and it contains potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.


European kiwis conquer the global market!
European kiwi stands out for its quality, both in taste and in nutritional value, because it is harvest by hand. Kiwis are placed in suitable refrigerated storage areas within 24 hours from harvesting, thus guar anteing that all of the fruit’s nutrients are preserved.

European kiwis stand out and are sought after in many international markets, and are exported to over 51 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. How To Have Healthy Life With Kiwi

Kiwifruits contain good amounts of vitamin A (great for skin, bone, and tooth development, and protected vision, including protection against macular degeneration), and vitamin E (twice the amount found in avocados, with nearly half the calories), along with potassium to balance the body’s electrolytes and limiting hypertension and high blood pressure.





How to enjoy kiwis

There are several different ways to incorporate kiwis into your daily diet:

Serve your friends a refreshing fruit drink made with kiwi and melon.

Make delicious and healthy kiwi-based smoothies.

Enrich your breakfast by adding freshly cut slices of kiwi to yoghurt or to your cereal.

Enjoy chocolate kiwis! Cut the kiwis in slices and dip them in melted chocolate. The taste is a revelation!

Simply add kiwi to your favorite green salad.

So let your imagination run free and pleasantly surprise your friends and family, by using kiwi in various recipes. It’s kiwifruit, of course! The results will amaze you! How To Have Healthy Life With Kiwi



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