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5 Tips To Encourage Children

Taking the time to encourage your children will help them thrive in life. A key way to implement this approach is to give children tasks which are fun to do and will also uplift them. In doing this, the child experiences the wanting to do task rather than having to do task. Here are five simple ways to encourage your child. Best Tips To Encourage Children Well


  1. Make Life like a Fun Game

Give instructions like a game that is fun and with an inviting outcome. Try creating a game for simple household tasks such as making the bed, keeping the desk tidy, and putting their washing away, and so on.


  1. Your Voice

The sound and tone of your voice will empower and encourage a child. When giving an instruction, use a low and quiet voice that is assertive. A high screaming voice will cause the child to switch off. Requests should be asked once with encouragement. Yelling at a child to do something will block their senses and cause the survival part of the brain to react which senses fear.

Best Tips To Encourage Children Well

  1. Consequences and Boundaries

It is important to teach consequences to your child; for example, when encouraging your child to do their homework, set clear boundaries and consequences. For example, you could state, ‘John and Ann, once you have done all your homework, you can play outside with your friends.’ The idea is to set a boundary and entice the child to complete tasks that he/she may not like and then reward him/her with what they do like.




  1. Give Rewards

Everyone likes rewards. This could be as simple as ‘when you finish putting the dishes way, the reward is you can play’. This is a simple cause and effect and the brain likes to focus on a positive reward of behavior. Best Tips To Encourage Children


  1. Acknowledgments

Children look for praise and acknowledgment to learn and it helps them feel they are on the right path and are also supported by you. Acknowledgment can be with kind words, a hug, quality time, and occasionally a gift. Best Tips To Encourage Children Well

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bnzarei August 25, 2018 at 5:40 am

children really can make our life full of games

foroghmovahedzade August 25, 2018 at 6:41 am

so useful and best for our family

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