Monday, May 25, 2020
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Soothe Your Soul With Art

Who hasn’t picked up on the adult coloring book trend? Spurred by Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford  her book Secret Garden has achieved sales of more than 10 million units across 40 countries. Despite the trend cooling since its peak in 2016, the adult coloring-in trend is still very much prevalent. How To Soothe Our Soul With Art


Understanding the difference between art as a therapeutic process and the art of coloring is paramount; as coloring within pre-defined outlines can definitely be a distraction from daily life. It can be an immersive experience which reconnects us with our inner-child as well as relieve stress.




Ways that Art can help you

1. Art can help release emotions.

Some emotions can be too powerful or too overwhelming to process and can be expresse in different ways using basic artwork tools. How To Soothe Our Soul With Art

2. Art is expression without words.

Through art-therapy, clients can work through emotional issues without talking about feelings. According to artist and art therapist Denise Braun, “When you move your focus into your right brain through art, you start to let go of your analytical left brain. It is through that right brain creative process that we learn to release our inner critic and embrace the act of creating. this is never about the product. It is always about the process. it therapy offers a way to unblock emotional expression without having to sit and talk about feelings. Art makes it easier to represent intense emotion without language.”


  1. Art can reduce stress.

Stimulating the right side of the brain triggers our creative self and as a result, stress levels decrease and inner peace is booste. How To Soothe Our Soul With Art


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m0namona August 25, 2018 at 5:53 am

art really can explain every thing

nargeslifetime August 25, 2018 at 6:35 am

good to reduce the stress

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