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5 reasons why you don’t need vitamins supplements


Vitamin supplements are a huge industry, promising an easy fix for practically any form of ailment. However, studies are discovering that over-consumption of supplements can worsen the prospects of being at risk from conditions. Here are just five of the arguments for why vitamin supplements aren’t really necessary. All The Reasons To Not Need Vitamins

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngVitamin Supplements Don’t Protect From Disease

There’s no reason to doubt that foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can offer improved protection from degenerative. providing further benefits in the way of slow-release energy. If anything, vitamin pill consumption can worsen the dangers by giving people an excuse not to maintain a responsible diet.

Supplements Can Actively Harm Your Health

Like any processed foodstuff, overconsumption can carry its own risks. Studies have actually suggest that men who regularly use vitamin supplements over a long period were around twice as likely to suffer prostate cancer as those weren’t taking vitamin pills. providing further benefits in the way of slow-release energy. Reasons To Not Need Vitamins



Vitamin Supplements Can Hurt, Not Help, Exercise

The industry around workout supplements is hugely profitable, but there’s scientific evidence to show that supplementary doses of vitamins can reduce the benefits of exercise. providing further benefits in the way of slow-release energy.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55).pngMuch of the Vitamin Content is Simply Flushed Out

The body is naturally designe to vent nutrients in the digestive system that aren’t need for optimum organ function. Given the quantities of vitamins often in supplements, much of the so-called “nutritional” content of these products will simply be rejecte through digestion. Not only is this unnecessary and counterintuitive to improve health, but it also results in a serious waste of money.

 Reasons To Not Need Vitamins

You’re not Get the Full Dose

Where water-soluble vitamin supplements are often simply flush from the body, healthy eating sources like whole foods take much longer to break down. providing further benefits in the way of slow-release energy. All The Reasons To Not Need Vitamins


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