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Get gorgeous with these 6 foods


The nutrition that comes from our food not only helps us stay active and healthy, but also enhances our beauty. On the other hand being careless about your diet can make you look unhealthy. Check out the list below of food tips that can help you boost up your beauty. How To Get Gorgeous With Foods



Yogurt is considered to be the mega get beautiful food. Yogurt consists of some good bacteria that helps you aid in digestion. Also, it has a vast amount of calcium and protein and helps in providing strength to your nails. It also helps in improving the posture. There are various ways of eating yogurt such as having a bowl of it in the morning or you can also have a yogurt sauce with lemon zest along with falafel.



Avocados provide our body with the monounsaturated fats that are ultimately good for our health. The monounsaturated fatty acids provide a vast number of benefits to our hair, nails, and the skin.

Avocados consist of natural oils that help in moisturizing the skin by penetrating deep into the skin and providing hydration and softness to it. It is believed to reduce wrinkles from the face and provides anti-aging properties. A cup of avocado juice daily can provide healthy and glowing complexion. It further treats dry scalp and hair and makes them look healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair. How To Get Gorgeous With Foods



Organic tomatoes consist of an amazing antioxidant namely lycopene that fight illnesses and various skin diseases. It improves bone strength because it consists of calcium. Also, it enhances the health of your teeth. It consists of large amounts of protein that are good for cell repair and helps to remove the dead cells of the skin.

Face masks made out of tomatoes provide a glow and further brightens the skin. Also, it acts as a natural sunscreen and protects your skin from getting tanned.




Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes promote gorgeous and glowing skin. Sweet potatoes contain vast amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These vitamins improve the skin and hair and enhance cell turnover. Sweet potatoes consist of beta-carotene that maintains healthy and bright eyes. It protects the skin from various skin diseases and promotes the beauty of the skin.



Berries are stacked up with the vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents and stave off the symptoms of the premature aging. The antioxidants present in berries also reduce the damage caused by free radicals that promote wrinkle formation and various skin diseases.

Blackberries consist of nutrients that make the skin radiant and youthful. Also, blueberries contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and fiber that enhance the beauty of the skin and hair. How To Get Gorgeous With Foods



Walnuts consist of monounsaturated fats that provide great benefits to our body. They consist of vitamin B that delays the skin aging process. It prevents the wrinkle formation and promotes the health of the skin. The oil extracted from the walnuts provides perfect moisture when applied on the skin. Walnut oil is also an effective therapy for a dry scalp and hair because it makes the hair look longer, smoother, and healthier than before. How To Get Gorgeous With Foods

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nafas1374 August 14, 2018 at 6:10 am

always natural and herbals are good but i heard that burries are great

foroghmovahedzade August 14, 2018 at 6:20 am

so interesting that tomatoes can make us beautiful

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