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The most common mistakes in living room decoration


Nowadays, the living room is one of the most important parts of the house, which given its importance, is also very much considered for interior decoration designers. Well, mistakes that may occur in the design of the living room decoration are also very important, and it is best to know them to prepare and provide this section of the house ideally for everyday life. Big Common Mistakes Of Living Room


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(57)Wrong proportions

Observing the proportions in decoration design is one of the most important and key points to be considered. In order to achieve this goal, you should pay special attention to the golden aspect of the decoration design.

While paying attention to the layout of the furniture and the furniture, try to pay attention to the sensation of decorations.




Lack of optimal use of space

In many cases, it’s possible that most people put furniture in the living room back to one of the walls of the room, thus placing all the appliances in the vicinity of the furniture. In this way, the middle part of the room is likely to be completely empty.

For example, having a fireplace in the living room can make it easier for you to choose this focal point. Also, the location of the TV is also a great place to choose as your focal point of decoration. Other minor items can found around these areas.

If you are interested in using a desk or couch in another part of the room, you can also consider these areas as the focal point of your decoration, and focus on other items in the room. Big Common Mistakes Of Living Room


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(57).pngIgnoring various decoration components

These days the living room is one of the most used parts of every home. Probably, whenever you feel tired, you’d love to sit comfortably in the living room on your comfortable sofa and take a rest after a hard day. So while taking care of the proper use of the living room, you should sacrifice some things to your priorities, and leave them to the best choices for decoration of such a room.  some of the decoration components may also be overlooked.  An ideal decoration design consists of a combination of such components:

  • Covering walls, such as paint or wallpaper
  • Flooring, such as carpets or carpets, wooden and plastic coatings
  • Furniture, including sofa, desk, chairs, bed
  • Cloth like pillows, blankets, woven coatings and bedding
  • Light sources, such as ceiling lanterns, walls, desks and decor
  • Wall pendants, including pictures, boards, mirror
  • Decorative elements, such as flowers and pots, marble tables, sculptures and


Forget about integrity

Colors are the most important tool for achieving this goal. You can see how a consistent spectrum of colors has been able to spread widely across space and create an environment of arbitrary uniformity. Even if you’re not interested in using the same fixed color in space, you can use colors that are more closely related.

So get started right now and see what you can change in your living room and get more energy from these changes. Big Common Mistakes Of Living Room

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