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Take charge of your blood sugar


Diabetes type 2 has become common in many parts of the world and knowing how to care for your blood sugar is paramount. Here are some effective tips to help you take charge of your blood sugar at home. Tips To Charge Your Blood Sugar

The Blood Glucose Meter (BGM)

BGM testing is usually reserved for type 2 diabetics who are required to self-administer insulin in order to control of their blood sugar levels. Simply put, you ‘pin prick’ your finger to produce a very small blood sample and place it on the test strip. This is very important in the aforementioned cases of people with diabetes, and only takes around 10 seconds. Tips To Charge Your Blood Sugar




The goal of the test is to discover what your blood glucose range is; we look for 70-90. Anything higher than 90 is problematic, and is a clear sign that your body’s ability to manage carbohydrates is compromised. From a body compositional perspective, this means it is harder for you to consistently drop body fat. This number is highly correlate to your training and nutrition as you increase activity and watch what you eat, this number will go down. However, when you’re inactive and eating poorly, this number will rise. If you score over 100, this means you could be/ probably are pre-diabetic and should be concerned.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(55)Check Acid/Alkaline Balance

The second self-assessment that you should do in the morning is to check your acid/alkaline balance. You must do this using PH strips, as they are a very quick, cheap, and convenient way of getting instant feedback to what is actually happening inside the body at any given moment.

You can check morning PH via urine or saliva. If you happen to be too acidic Tips To Charge Your Blood Sugar

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