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How Do I Protect Myself from EMF Radiation?

All Tips To Protects EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is short for electromagnetic field radiation.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been around since the beginning of time. We receive natural EMFs from the sun and earth every day. However, these days man-made radiation is abound in everything from the light bulb to the laptop. It includes visible light, radio waves, gamma rays and X-rays. Electromagnetic forces exists naturally within all matter even the human body and are vital for biological processes. That being said, new forms of man-made electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and wireless technologies pose potential risks to human health. All Tips To Protects EMF Radiation

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(57).pngIs EMF Radiation Safe?

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified electromagnetic radiation from cellphones as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Today, more and more studies are showing links to EMF radiation and ailments from everything ranging from asthma to cancer, and from fertility to autism. We also see studies that have shown the dangers of too much high frequency radiation, for example: pregnant women are not supposed to have x-rays as the radiation can harm the fetus. However, we don’t know so much about the cumulative effect of lower frequency radiation over time.

Each field has its own radiation length. There is a spectrum ranging from “high frequency radiation” (the extreme of this being radioactive sources and x-rays) and “low frequency radiation” (AM radios). Tips To Protects EMF Radiation

What Should I Watch Out for?

Today’s cell phone networks, wifi signals and our smart appliances are just the beginning of our daily exposure to man-made EMFs. That being said, there are a few things to note if you’re wondering about the safety of EMF waves, including: frequency (higher frequency waves are higher risk), density (the amount in a given area), strength and duration of exposure (prolonged duration is usually worse).


How Can I Reduce My EMF Exposure, Naturally?

Use a cable for internet if possible, if not, unplug the router it when it’s not in use (for example, before bed) and keep it in an area where people don’t spend too much time

Keep your cell phone at a distance from your body where possible, especially when not in use. Text or use speaker phone to make calls.

Keep your computer at a distance where possible, and avoid holding it in your lap, where it directly radiates your reproductive organs. Instead, use protection tools under your laptop.

Keep appliances and devices off when not in use (unplug and airplane mode are perfect for bedtime)

Avoid installing halogen and fluorescent lighting in your home (or change it out, if possible)


If the signal on your cell is weak, wait until you’re in an area with a full reception to make a call All Tips To Protects EMF Radiation

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