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The importance of nightly skin care


The skin rebuilds at night, the process is faster than the day. That’s why sleep deprivation also causes skin damage. To care for the skin, it is very important to have a special day program. Most people do not have enough time to take care of the health of the skin during the morning. But at night, the skin has time to repair itself. The importance of nightly skin care

Many daily routines endanger the health of our skin, as the skin is always exposed to ultraviolet rays and environmental contaminants. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the night as a time to revive the skin.




What changes in our skin at night?

It is necessary to be delivered foods to the cells throughout the night so that they can be rebuilt better and more. The two main ingredients for this work are vitamin C and vitamin E. Night Skin Care Tips

The skin should be cleaned at night. It is not enough that you are safe from harmful sun rays during the night for having a healthy skin.  If the skin is not clean before bedtime, all contaminants are absorbed and severely damaged. For your skin to be thoroughly cleaned, it is better to use natural ingredients instead of chemicals. At night, the skin loses its moisture. During the day, the skin remains thicker and moister to protect itself, but at night, the natural moisture content of the significantly reduced.

In addition, the body generally does not receive water while sleeping. So your skin will be more to dry and other types of skin damage. Do not overlook the use of moisturizers. The importance of nightly skin care

The temperature of the skin rises overnight and becomes more acidic. This acidification leads to dry skin, which will ultimately lead to increased wrinkles and loss of skin.

To combat dryness of the skin due to temperature rises use moisturizers and herbal oils.

Overnight, a variety of skin care products will be better absorbed. Your skin is more relaxed, clean and nutrients are better for it. Use a variety of creams and masks containing vitamins E and C and antioxidants at night. We recommend creaming cucumber and apple extract as a night cream. Also, skin-lightening creams are better at night, because otherwise, the effects of sun rays will prevent the cream from affecting. The importance of nightly skin care

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bnzarei August 4, 2018 at 6:48 am

i didnt know such as great information for night

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great advice and useful

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a good care for night can repair all damages of day

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    And clean all dirties of a day

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