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Deficiency of 6 nutrients in your face


The perpetrators of nutrient deprivation in the body are not only consuming processed foods and wrong diets. You may even lose some vitamins and natural salts when you follow a balanced diet. Deficiency Of Nutrients In Your Face

To find out the lack of nutrients in your body, you need to conduct periodic blood tests. At the same time, you can also recognize some of these shortcomings from your face. When your body loses some nutrients, your face may be the first place to warn you about these shortcomings


Lack of vitamin B12

The vitamin deficiency is very common among the vegetarians. The vitamin B12 deficiency often changes skin color and pallor. Other symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, asthma, and diarrhea.

If you want to treat the poverty of vitamin B12, you are looking to consume more fish, meat without fat, cheese, yogurt and cereals. If you follow vegetarian diets, take vitamin B12 supplements with doctor’s advice. Deficiency Of Nutrients In Your Face


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(56).pngLack of vitamin C

Vitamin C has a crucial role in the body; it strengthens the immune system and causes rapid healing of the wounds and the health of bones.  This vitamin deficiency can cause bleeding gums. The slow recovery of wounds, drying of hair and the creation of red spots on the skin is another symptom of the vitamin deficiency.

If you have any symptoms of vitamin C, add fruits, potatoes, berries, spinach, peppers, and vitamin C supplements to your diet. The daily consumption of 75 mg of vitamin C is recommended to women and 90 mg of men. Deficiency Of Nutrients In Your Face


Lack of iodine

The deficiency of this mineral leads to makes your eyes puffy and leads to hypothyroidism.

Those with iodine deficiency experience brittle fingernails and may be easily overweight.  According to these symptoms you can take these blueberries, black beans, shrimp, strawberries and yoghurt in the face of these symptoms.



Lack of Omega3

Dry skin is particularly common in winter. But if your skin is drier than usual, it means you don’t get omega 3 fatty acids. Low consumption of these fatty acids also increases your facial wrinkles. The sources of these fatty acids include fish, flaxseed, chia seeds and walnut. Deficiency Of Nutrients In Your Face


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(56)Lack of Iron

Lips decay is one of the symptoms of iron deficiency. Other symptoms include fatigue, frequent colds and tongue pain. Lack of riboflavin can also cause lips decay. You can get riboflavin by using fish, broccoli, cheese, and almonds. Iron is also found in legumes, nuts and spinach and iron supplements.


Lack of vitamin B7

Thin and dry hair can alert you that you are deficient in this vitamin. Apart from hair loss, another distinctive symptom is the puffiness of the biotin deficiency with the distribution of abnormal fat and red rashes.

A study conducted by Harvard University named Biotin as one of the necessary nutrients to maintain the integrity, texture, and appearance of hair. Food sources are rich in foods containing peanuts, liver, some vegetables, Swiss beet leaves, boiled eggs, and crude egg yolk. Deficiency Of Nutrients In Your Face

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lack of vitamin c is effective on skin too

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we should care that use natural things

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    Yes, the high calories can make you more fat

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