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Rules for setting shoes and clothes


Setting shoes and clothing is one of the most important things to wear. In order to get the best mix of shoes and clothes in any situation, you need to know a few tips and little rules. Tips To Setting Shoes And Clothes


Choose the natural colors

The most basic rule to choose types of shoes, especially women’s shoes, is to use natural colors. They can easily complement your style, and with minimal design, they have a modern state, but at the same time. The latest trends suggests you choose colors like beige, bone or tan suited to your skin, combined with the form of your feet, stretching out your legs and making you more comfortable.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(54).pngComplete your style with your shoes

The base is always wear glittery shoes with a lot of details, with simple dresses and simple shoes along with special designer clothes and stunning extras.

Just stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself which portion of your style tends to attract more attention, and does your shoes and clothing appear to be competing in competition. Beautiful shoes are the best way to paint and lead a normal style. Tips To Setting Shoes And Clothes


Which shoes for which position?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your shoes look, how much you love them, if they don’t fit your style, it’s better to forget them. It’s not suitable wearing high heels shoes in the office, and you should not go to an official party with your lovely sneaker after afternoon.

Of course, the combination of two different styles of clothing and shoes can create a unique professional style.



Colors that match up

As mentioned, black shoes fit well with each color of clothing, perhaps the reason that one of the favorite colors in women’ s shoes is black as it is prudent to choose. Beautiful shoes, however, are the best way to paint a normal style. These rules apply to a variety of women’s shoes, so you can take a look at it when choosing any shoes and setting it.


Black shoes

Almost every outfit clothes except clothes with or cream and khaki colors can be easily coordinated with black shoes, but if you’re seen a black part in your dress using a black shoe can make a dramatic and creative style. Tips To Setting Shoes And Clothes

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(54).pngBrown shoes

Cream, brown, beige, orange, green and dark grades of khaki colors create a good combination of these shoes.

Light brown shoes

Light grays, blue, beige, and white can set with light brown or brown shoes.

Cream shoes

The clothes with light color and withe can set with these shoes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(54).pngWhite shoes

The clothes with light and natural colors are the best choose for these clothes.

Silver shoes

It’s better to wearing clothes that have White, Black, Blue and Purple colors.

Gray shoes

Black, blue, gray, red, purple, or yellow are the same colors needed to complete a pair of gray shoes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(54).pngGold shoes

Clothing with green, red and brown dresses makes a perfect combination of striking golden shoes, but these shoes can also be seen in combination with black and white.


The comfort of the shoes is a basic rule

First of all, consider a general rule: nothing like the convenience of a shoe can be shown to be appropriate and practical.

Soft and smooth volar can also guarantee your feet healthy. After that, pay attention to comfortable heels. Choosing the right shoes and combining it with style can take the art of dressing you, shoes that are small but important in your style Tips To Setting Shoes And Clothes

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    You should wear your shoes and bag in suitable places

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