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Removing the clothes stains with some tricks


Washing clothes is one of the housekeeping jobs that may not be a problem for you. It’s hard when there are different spots on your clothes and you get into trouble to remove this stain. In this article, we will teach you some interesting tricks of dressing. Tips To Remove Clothes Stains

Washing your clothes doesn’t seem so difficult. Placing them in a washing basin or washing machine and using detergent is a very simple process. But when the spots on the clothes come out, there are problems that might complicate your career. If you know basic tips for washing clothes and removing stains, you can be more comfortable and confident about washing the clothes and don’t fear any spots.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50)Time passed

Usually the spots that arise on the clothing are easily monitored in less than 24 hours. Of course, if the stains remain after the lapse of time, you still need to use the same methods to remove them, and repeat the procedures of removing the stains several times so that they can be completely resolved.


First aid to remove different spots of clothing

For spots that are created by liquids, clean up with a clean white handkerchief, or a tissue, first. Remember, this is done to dry the spot and soak up as much liquid that has been spilled on the clothes.

Do not clean the stains with colored handkerchiefs that are dark. This will make the stain more run on the dress and the situation will get worse.

To clear the spots that remain a drop, first remove the remains that are solid, by the knife edge, a metal spoon or a bank card.

Never remove the resulting stains from food and sauces by pulling the handkerchief because this makes the stains deeper and penetrate the inner layers of fabric.

Some solid patches, such as mud and silt, are best to dry at first and then get rid of the clothes easily. You can also wash these stains with a regular brush from the surface of your clothing and then wash them off.

For emergencies, you can use a few simple tools as an emergency cleaner on your desk or in the car. These can include a few handkerchiefs, water bottles or some detergent, so that you may have the possibility of removing the stains on your clothes as soon as possible.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngUse cold water to remove stains from your clothing

When you are struggling and dealing with the stains on your dress, go to use of cold water first. Especially if the stains are not known to you, you should first try cold water for washing. Hot water can fix the protein in the stains arising from the milk, eggs or blood in the fabric. Tips To Remove Clothes Stains

However, hot water is very efficient for fat stains such as butter or mayonnaise. Particularly in textiles with artificial tissue such as polyester, hot water has a very good effect on removing stains. Always read the clothing – care label before washing them. When you wash your dress, you will have to pay attention to the water temperature and the amount of water you use.



Don’t use soap

Perhaps the first thing you do in dealing with the stains of your attire is to use solid soap or a toilet liquid. But don’t use solid soap to remove stains. The soaps can cause long – life stains from fruits or vegetables. Instead, you can use the liquid detergent. Always start washing out of the back of the fabric until the stain is directed to the outside of the dress Tips To Remove Clothes Stains


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngChecking clothes after washing and prior to drying

Usually, after washing clothes, we put them in the dryer. However, it is best to check the clothes we have detected before washing and have stains and check them again after washing them. If there remains a stain on the dress surface, avoid placing it in the dryer. Heat that creates the dryer can cause the stains on your clothes. You should also observe the same thing about ironing the clothes. No heat on the stains should be applied.

Once you have tested your method, take time enough to get the best results. Rapid, without delay methods will usually have a desirable outcome. Try to spend about 10 minutes on the outing before washing your clothes.

Avoid rubbing and wringing more clothes than clothes, unless it is coarse and hard in dress, such as jeans. The products that are used today for the cleaning clothes are usually produced in a way that is no need to rub clothes and spend too much time to press them. A lot of traction that occurs when washing clothes can damage the fabric and spread the stain on the surface of the dress too.

To get the best result in washing your clothes, try to separate clothes that are stains from other clothes. For example, if some clothes are extremely dirty and have mud stains, separate them from clothes that need to be washed for repeated wear. Knowing how to separate the clothes while washing them is one of the most important points you need to observe to remove stains. It is evident that some of the patches need special laundry and higher values of detergents. By removing this type of clothing from other items, you can wash out the clothes optimally. Tips To Remove Clothes Stains

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so good, i had always by removing the stains. can this tips be useful for cotton too?

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    Yeah there is no difference

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it will be good to say some points to wash with hands

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    All our article was about washing machine, you can use the hand wash powder and clean all your stains

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