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4 Important Points To Buy A Wristwatch


A wristwatch is an object that reflects your personality. In this article, we look at the principles of choosing a proper wristwatch, while at the same time we point out some traits that might expose you. They also show your style as well as show your character.Important Points To Buy Wristwatches

The wristwatch is one of the most important things that can affect your style and the impression that others have. The wristwatch has the ability to show elegance, flexibility, and many other characteristics of your personality that you may not have noticed before.


The first point in the wrist choice: simple but practical partitioning

Classification by wristlet


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngLeather wristlet: If you’re looking for a watch that isn’t too expensive and can sit on your wrist in all semiofficial and routine situations, the choice of the wristwatch with leather wristlet is economical.


Metal wristlet:  We can use Wristwatches with metal wristlet in different situation. A woman’s wristwatch with metal wristlet can use in three situations such as daily, semiofficial and official.Important Points To Buy Wristwatches


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngJewelry wristlet: There are some kinds of watches that have jewelry wristlet that turned them into handcuffed because of their jewelry or half price stones. These watches if they are made of jewelry, they are used for a very formal ceremony and are in formal and semiofficial ceremonies.


Cloth wristlet: The use of a wristwatch with cloth wristlet is a long time use between the young people. It is suitable for everyday situations and does not apply to official situations.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngPlastic wristlet:  Another wristwatch is a sport one that the price of a sports wristwatch –based on the engine type and other components used by the watch is different. These watches are usually best for athletes or people who have a high school spirit. As the name suggests, it is suitable for informal situations and is used to make more of the plastic. Important Points To Buy Wristwatches


The second point in the wristwatch: the wristwatch screen

Round screen: The round screen is one of the most common pages of the watch. Those who are interested in the use of the round screen usually have flexibility moral, but they don’t stick out of ordinary frames.

Square screen: Perhaps the second most common screen can be called a square form. People who are more interested in square shapes are more interested in choosing their watch screen, usually have specific frameworks, are very orderly , and their flexibility is lower.

Unconventional screen:

Some screens contain non disciplinary forms. For instance, the authoritative brand of the Cartier brand, which is one of the best brands between producers of women’s wristwatches, has a type of watch known as Crash. It’s designed to be crushed by the feet or the wheels of the machine, and it’s one of the most popular models of this brand. Those who seek non normal forms usually have Anarchist structure that is high risk.

Some people like to go to other forms, or even forms that are more known, such as tears. The morale of these people is usually placed somewhere between individuals and strictly adhering to the structure. They may show the responses of a committed person to the frame and break the structures in other conditions.



The third point in the wrist choice:

What color do we choose?

One of the most important things when buying a woman’s wrist watch is to know the color of your skin. When you notice that your skin is warm, cool or neutral, you can choose easier.

If your skin is cool or neutral, go for a wristlet.

If your skin warms, go for a gold wristlet.

these colors see with metal wristlet more, if  you like to choose the color for your skin instead of these two colors, both look very smart and use it in most situations, whether formal or informal. For watches of brands like omega, are usually a combination of gold, silver, and roses. This compound has the ability to adapt to any suit, and you don’t have to worry about being dressed in your attire.

After the metal band, it comes to a watch with a leather wristlet. Unfortunately, clocks that have non – metallic wristlet are not set with any clothes unless the color is black; however, there are considerations in the black case. The best thing is to go to black color if you want to buy a leather watch. You can create multiple colors for your clothing. It is best to be a blank screen to look beautiful at the side of the blue, gray, and white.


The fourth point in the wrist watch:

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(50).pngAttention to the elegance of the watch

Notice to your wrist when you want shopping. If your wrist delicate, you’d better go for the elegant watch with small screen and elegant wristlet, and if your wrist is a solid hand, use the clocks that have larger plates and wider wristlet. If you act upside down on this rule, you ignore the harmony element that is one of the most important rules of building style, and the results you get will not be lovely. Important Points To Buy Wristwatches

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bnzarei July 24, 2018 at 5:04 am

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it will be good to share some tips to set our watches with our clothes

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    All watches are suitable with one style and you should know the tips to have a good style

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can you share the watches base on our skin color?

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can you share some good brand and good fairs ?

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