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The nutrients that moves you away from death


You must have heard about the benefits of a variety of seafood, especially fish for health, which must be once a week on a daily diet, you can eat fish by roast or grill it. Effective Nutrients For Your Body

Eating fish once per week reduces the risk of sudden death due to heart disease by 50 %, while heart disease is the first casualty of the world, resulting from the lifestyle of modern and wrong people.

According to researchers on a group of American doctors, the best way to reduce the risk of sudden death caused by heart attack is eating fish.  In this study, 20 thousand and 551 people were studied in the diet, and after the end of the study, 133 die from the group were recorded and investigated by examining the various factors of scientists, the risk of sudden death in them was less than those who had not consumed fish during a month. Scientists have also found no specific benefit from consuming certain kinds of fish or consumption more than once a week in this sea food, they believe sudden death caused by heart attacks is less likely to decrease with fish consumption.


The extraordinary impact of fish in preventing tooth decay

The fish has many benefits to the health of the body and has most of the nutrients required for the body, but the characteristic that makes this seafood unique is a rich source of iron, zinc , and fluorine, which contributes to the strengthening of the teeth and prevents its decay.



Eating fish sets your heart like clockwork.

Phosphorus and calcium contribute significantly in the strength and wellbeing of the body bones, based on the study of more than 20 thousand doctors found that fatty fish, like tuna, are packed with omega – 3 fatty acids and prevent heart threatening rhythms, as well as the omega – 3 fatty acids in fish to relax the heart muscles, and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Effective Nutrients For Your Body


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49)Eat fish, far away from cataract

The diet that is full of omega – 3 contributes to the eye’s health, and the omega 3 diabetes in the fish prevents the cataract from occurring, and it also prevents the brain function so that it can affect the process of schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder.


Eat fish to prevent cancer and Alzheimer

Fish consumption reduces the risk of cancer and the risk of Alzheimer ‘s disease, which also reduces the risk of infection to arthritis, increasing the intake of calcium intake and preventing osteoporosis. Effective Nutrients For Your Body

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bnzarei July 23, 2018 at 5:06 am

can you share the measure of each of them for having a slim diet too?

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    you should use in a default measure if you have a diet

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can you share the measure of using them?

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    you should use by your feel that how much is need

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im crazy about fish,, thanks

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    sea food are great, im agree with you

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