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Alternatives for toiletries


Today, there is news that some beautiful products are addictive, so we look at it scientifically. We also suggest alternatives for those who want to reduce their consumption. All About Alternatives For Toiletries

If you want to cover your facial stains and blemishes, or skin your skin without the help of the sun, or have a smooth hair? But are the ingredients in these non – lethal products?


Problem: keratin straighteners

Special hair Keratin treatments can give you smooth, silky. These treatments are often marketed as non – formaldehyde treatments; but the Oregon Institute of Oregon identified a high concentration of chemicals in more than half of the products. Exposure long term to these chemicals is a cause of cancer, smoothing your hair every few months may away from cancer but it’s very dangerous for barbers. All About Alternatives For Toiletries

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49).pngSolutions:  softener and hair straightener devices

Softeners can make a great contribution to makes your hair straight, these products will smooth your hair by counteracting the effect of static electricity, and the result remains until you use your shampoo again. The hair iron can also smooth the curly hair. Using the dryer has much less influence than the hair iron, but your hairdresser will offer you better ways of using a certain combination of hair care products to keep your hair beautiful and smooth..

Problem: permanent hair color

Studies in the field of hair color and its relationship with cancer have mixed results. The results of some studies suggest that women who use hair dyes are slightly more prone to leukemia or lymphoma, especially the color of dark hair. But other studies suggest that the two issues have nothing to do with the risk of developing cancer. However, research on the relationship of hair color with breast cancer has not also been shown. There is no evidence that the color of hair in pregnancy is a threat to the embryo. Some physicians, however, recommend more caution so that pregnant mothers don’t use hair color until the second trimester. All About Alternatives For Toiletries

Solution: herbal hair color

The color of plant hair, like henna and vegetable dyes, changes the color of hair without chemicals. But there are bugs. In many cases these colors have caused a significant change of hair color, and its effect is removed faster than the color of permanent hair. The second solution is to focus your hair in a barbershop. Using a special hat or foil to cover dyed hair prevents you from direct contact with your scalp and therefore they will not be absorbed through your scalp.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49).pngProblem:  beautiful contact lens

Color or textured lenses that don’t have any impact on sight just help your face change. But from lenses that are sold without a doctor’s order in beauty salons, clothing shops, or online, they have to be avoided. The lens should be clean, convenient and comfortable, even if you use a short time. If you don’t care properly exposed to problems and eye diseases or infections that will eventually result in loss of sight. All About Alternatives For Toiletries

Solution: medical lens

If you feel that you need a lens and don’t like the natural color of your eyes, go to an eye expert and ask his professional opinion about color lenses. Even if you have a good view, your eyes will need testing. The doctor can write you a prescription and teach you how to take care of lenses. Buy the lenses that are authentic. Follow the doctor’s advice to avoid eye injuries.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49).pngProblem: prescribing eyelashes serum

Lattise is a drug used temporarily for a short duration of eyelashes, to have long, attractive eyelashes. It use on your upper eyelids every day and wait until four months to show signs of growth. You may enjoy your beautiful eyelashes, but it’s important to note the side effects or the permanent effects. It may darken the skin around your eye or change the color of the eyes.

Solution:  use artificial eyelashes

The artificial eyelashes change your face with long, handsome eyelashes, without having a medication. But that does not mean it’s safe too. The glue of extension eyelashes can stimulate the eye and cause allergies. Take care of the bottom of your eyelashes as possible, as it may lead to the growth of thicker lashes. They have caused serious damage to the eye and even blindness. No eyelashes colors also have been approved for use, from the same American Food and Drug Organization so far.


Problem: hydroquinone

It is a brightening substance for skin that is accessible by the doctor’s prescription. Skin professionals typically use this material to reduce the blotches of skin over the older ages and the dark spots called macule. Excessive use of this material changes skin color. Animal tests have shown that the chemicals present in it may cause cancer; however, the risk of extinction on humans is not yet clear. Scientists are now studying and investigating the matter.

Solution: skin lasers

The surface layer can be cleaned by a certain type of laser. This method, carried out by the dermatologist, reduces skin spots caused to aging, or even the color of the skin can change without using the chemical. The drawbacks of this approach are: cost of being costly, painful, bad moods while the skin is changing and the remaining minor wound or color changes

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49).pngProblem: bronzer devices

No matter how much you’ve heard about the safety of tanning booths, the fact is what has been declared in the research: frequent use of tanning booths, the most likely to get cancer, and the most fatal cancer. Additionally, tanning booths emit UV rays which cause premature aging and dark brown spots on the skin. Even if tanning is too strong for you, keep in mind that tanning is actually a damaged skin.

Solution: bronzer products without tanning

It’s so simple that without the sun and a tanning moisturizer that contains DHA which contains a color additive, and by reacting to amino acids on the surface, make your skin tan. DHA is a substance approved by the U.S. Department of Health and is used for outdoor use, and not for closed places, a tanning spray. Inhalation of these sprays or their contact with the eye is harmful. You must use sunscreen, even if you want to tan without the sun. All About Alternatives For Toiletries

Problem:  Paraben

These are the most common types of preservative materials available in cosmetics, including moisturizer and hair – care products. A study in the context of Paraben showed that there is a connection between this material and breast cancer, but it was not precisely raised that the findings were related to Paraben, which actually resulted in cancer and tumor. Other researchers have concluded that is unacceptable that the amount of Paraben in cosmetics can cause cancer.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(49).pngSolution: the cosmetics without Paraben

If you have concerns about this matter, you can use cosmetics without Paraben.  The cosmetics without preservatives corrupt and ruined soon but Paraben is not only preservatives, some manufacturers use the products containing vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) or vitamin E (Tocopherol acetate) as preservatives.

Safety of sun screen creams

The compounds in sunscreen have been used in sunscreen for long decades, and there is no specific risk of using them so far. The main danger is when you use very poor sunscreen. To protect your skin from both uva and uvb, choose a product that has been written “wide range” also to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging of your skin

Do cosmetics have an expiration date?

If you are still using the shadow of your old eye, throw it away now. preservatives in cosmetics can disappear over time and bacteria grow in it. Experts recommend taking advantage of the following instructions for the use of cosmetics:

Powder Cream: One year

Blush, shade: Two years

Lipstick: A year

Mascara: 3 – 4 months

In case of an eye infection, take all the makeup of your eye away immediately

All About Alternatives For Toiletries

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