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Dangerous Makeup Habits


Some women are used to doing makeup every day. If you are one of these ladies, I would suggest to you to escape these cosmetic mistakes. Wrong Makeup Habits

Dangerous makeup habits

For some women, makeup is a routine habit and may use makeup products such as lotions and powder every day, but sometimes cosmetic and beauty habits may backfire and risk an individual’s health. In the following, we refer to some of these cosmetic and beauty habits and how to prevent such cosmetic troubles.


Using cosmetics of others

The majority of people believe that using the makeup of others is not a hygiene act. For example, although using your friend’s lipstick or brush may be economical for you but there are some microbes in these makeup devices and if you use these products your friend’s microbes and germs may be transferred to your body. So avoid of using the makeup devices in the shops that are used for testing.



The cosmetic

In recent years, many discussions have been made about the chemicals present in cosmetics. The main focus of these discussions was on two chemicals called phthalates and paraben. In many studies, phthalates (commonly found in most of the nail polishes and soaps) have been found to increase the risk of health problems such as diabetes and poor hormone levels. The parabens (a kind of preservative) that found in sprays, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics products and in some studies, the link between Parabens and the increased risk of breast cancer has been mentioned.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(47).pngIf you don’t cleaned your makeup before bed time…

Many health problems caused by makeup are due to inadequate and inappropriate use of cosmetic products. For example, if you don’t clean your own makeup before bed, you will face difficulties. This false beauty habit to cause acne and even blocks skin pores, and in this case the skin can’t repair itself during sleep. Wrong Makeup Habits


Using dirty brushes

Mascara is one of the most common forms of arrangement that bacteria quickly increase, so you must always focus on how long you ” We used a mascara. It takes the smallest length of life through all your makeup products, and it has to spend three months after opening it. Around the local eye, it is prone to allergies because the skin around the eye is very thin. An allergic sensitivities to mascara and eye makeup can lead to dermatitis. The polish of the nail is one of the most important agents of the eye allergies, as they can be moved around the eye by touching the eye.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(47).pngPerfumes and lotions

The parabens and scent of perfumes and lotions are the most important factors of allergic sensitivities to perfumes ad lotions. If a new perfume or lotion gives you a rash, refer to an allergy expert. The allergy expert can recognize which of the ingredients are allergic reactions by looking at these lotions or perfumes. Buy perfume and lotions which are not sensitive to any of the ingredients. Wrong Makeup Habits


Dye hair

In hair dyes, there is a chemical called Phenyl diamine , which can create allergic sensitivities. It has an allergic sensitivity in the skin around the eye. If you are allergic to this chemical, avoid buying the color of hair that contains this chemical. In general, if a hair color makes you sensitive to allergies, you can refer to an allergy expert to determine which of its ingredients have given you the allergic sensitivity.


Gel manicure

Gel manicure are more stable compared to the older ones, but in the recent report, the American Society of Dermatology is concerned about this type of manicure,  this manicure can make the nail thin and dry. For example, in one of the case studies of 2012, two women have caused cancer of Non melanoma skin cancer, due to the use of UV rays for the beauty of their nails. For 15 years, one of these women exposed their nails to UV rays twice a month, and the other was exposed to UV rays eight times a year before his cancer diagnosis. Wrong Makeup Habits

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so interesting, i didnt know some of them

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so funny some of them was my usually activity

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