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A few Simple Makeup Tips For Older Women


Makeup tips for old ladies and wrinkles

The ladies are used to using their usual routine makeup at any age, and they seem to be less important for them to go on with their own age, which makes it difficult for them to learn from the new and helpful points of their own makeup. From 30 to 40 years old and up, your skin will gradually develop deep wrinkles, which can no longer hide the same facial makeup. So, you need to learn the makeup technique for wrinkles. Tips Of Old Women Makeup


Less is better…

To cover wrinkles and facial blotches, you don’t need to wear a thick layer of powdered cream on your skin. This will cause deep wrinkles in the makeup and be more pronounced by any movement of the face. Just put a thin layer of powdered cream on the skin and don’t try to cover all signs of aging. What do you want, deep lines that you can ‘t hide, you ‘d better put your time on small creases and small lines and cover your makeup, so that you ‘re going to be younger for a couple of years.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(47).pngLiquid makeup

With the increase in age and wrinkles, the skin becomes very dry and loses its elastic state with respect to the age you have. One way to fix this is to use liquid makeup materials to reduce this stiffness and non – flexibility. Choose a powder, blusher and bronzer with all kinds of liquid and mouse to sit perfectly upright on the skin and smooth it clear.


Don’t forget the moisturizer

All women need to use moisturizer cream, but those with more age have to do so. Keep skin moist, the greater the volume of its cells, the least wrinkles that make the skin fuller and fresher. You must be damp every night and every morning, and 15 minutes before your makeup is a hydrating cream layer on the skin and wait for it to be absorbed. Tips Of Old Women Makeup



Irradiate your skin

As the age increases, the luminosity of the skin is subtracted from the luminosity of the skin, and to make it look younger, it is necessary to add a bit of brightness. You don’t need to use dense blusher or light powder, just add a few drops of highlighter into your powder and make your skin shine and fresh.


Bright eye makeup

Smoky and dark shadows make you look older, but instead use bright colors, make eyes more vibrant, bigger and younger, making them look less for many years of your age.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(47).pngNotice to the eyelashes

If your eyelashes be more thick you will grow younger, and your skin look more fresh you. You need to invest a good, high – quality taste of mascara, and make your eyelashes thick with it.


And lips…

The dark and light lips are neither suitable for older ages and should not be used. You have to hold the middle and use lipstick with peach tonnage, pink, red, orange, brick, and coral. Tips Of Old Women Makeup

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m0namona July 22, 2018 at 5:14 am

so helpful, im in mid ages and i really need some methods to have great makeup. can you share some other posts for skin cares too?

    nafiseseyedbagher July 22, 2018 at 6:14 am

    We have lots of skin care in the health and care chart

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