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How to maintain fitness by increasing age


By increasing age, one is not going to be weaker and less fit. By following a routine fitness routine, presence of mind and effort, you can still retain your physical fitness, flexibility and strength even at an early age. The loss of fitness and the reduction of muscle mass is a part of the trend of aging. After 30 years, a man can lose something between three or five per cent of his muscle mass in every decade of life. According to Harvard University, most men lose 30 percent of their muscle mass during their lives. That’s why many of us link aging with weakness, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You should not let the fitness level of your body force to you. Here are a few tips to take into account for your physical fitness after 30 years of age. Keep Fitness By Your Age


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(45).pngMake the plant protein as a priority

If you are seeking to maintain your body’s muscle mass, while at your age, consider consuming vegetarian foods, particularly plant proteins. Amino acids are the manufacturing units of proteins, and our muscles are made of amino acid. Studies have shown that long – term consumption of amino acid supplements can prevent the reduction of muscle mass associated with aging. On this basis, add this amino acid to a large extent in your diet because it is more important as the age of protein consumption increase. You don’t need to overdo it. Just make sure that you get a healthy amount of vegetable protein per meal, which is a good way to preserve your body’s muscle mass.


Keep the situation simple and strong

According to technological advancements in physical fitness, you may be tempted to depend on smart watches, tablets, and alerts for exercising. But it’s better to worry about the accessories and focus instead on basic principles. The persistence of training exercises is important with an increase of age, even if the only exercises that are carried out with the help of body weight are in your plan. In particular, it is important to maintain the power of muscles that hold joint joints. Focus on the use of muscles around your shoulders, knees, and shoulders can contribute significantly to preventing future health problems. Performing exercises, gardening, and activities such as climbing can help strengthen the whole body. Keep Fitness By Your Age


Do the activity you are interested in

If you don’t have any interest in doing practice at the gym, don’t do it. A key factor in maintaining the fitness level is finding an entertaining activity and with the appropriate mobility that you are interested in. It could include rafting, yoga, cycling, or anything else.




If you want to maintain your health and strength by increasing age, it is important to establish a healthy relationship with physical fitness. The activity of the body should not seem like a forced task. Remember, our body is made to move and not relax.



Walking is one of the easiest and most natural activities we can do to preserve our physical fitness, but our modern life has driven us away as much as possible. It reduces the risk of getting diseases, supports the weight of healthy body, can ease joint pain, and even strengthen the functioning of the immune system. Get out of the house and walk for at least 30 minutes a day to ensure heart health and maintain bone concentration and muscle mass. Keep Fitness By Your Age

Don’t overload yourself

As age increases, the need to rest is also increased. The secret of physical fitness is to persevere. Even for professional athletes, break – up is one of the key parts of the practice plan.  The secret of dealing with aging is to maintain the balance between activity and relaxation. So you don’t have to pressure your body too much to maintain fitness, and don’t forget the importance of adequate rest and high – quality sleep in your plans.


Don’t forget your mind

It is also important to train the mind as much as exercise the body. Keep your brain active to prevent psychological degeneration and an increase in the gray layer. You can resolve a puzzle or cross – word table every day and include activities that include focus and mental skills, such as climbing or tennis in your schedule. An increase in age should not lead to weakness and inactivity. You can still live well and live as active as your youth and keep your physical fitness. To achieve this goal, you need your commitment and awareness to maintain fitness, health and avoidance of injury. Keep Fitness By Your Age

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