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How to prevent migraines?


7 effective ways to prevent headache and migraines

“The 7 treatments are the most important steps to be taken” said Alexander Masckop , director of the New York Headache Center in Manhattan. These methods fight the most common type of headaches, and from the very moment the pain kicks in. When it fits your daily life, it’s time to consult your doctor. But at the same time, try these treatments without prescription but very effective. How To Prevent Migraines


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(46).pngDo exercise

Dr. Masckop says cardiovascular sports (any type of activity that increase your heart rate and help the fat and physical fitness and endurance of the body ) regularly, in half the patients , leads to a reduction in migraine, headaches, and dizziness,  will fix it . When doing exercise, the endorphins or the natural pain killer are substances that are secreted by the mucus and hypothalamus, and the main effect is pain relief. Endorphins which are called natural morphine in the body are actually very similar to opiates such as morphine and other opium derivatives and their production at the time of body activity, excitement, feeling of pain, eating pepper, feeling of love and the peak of sexual pleasure, will produce more pain sensors in you. It also satisfies the stress associated with headaches.

And he says, three times a week and each time for half an hour, moderate cardiovascular exercises such as slow jogging or cycling. To prevent headaches and migraine, you avoid severe exercises. Hold your heart rate under 150 beats per minute, and if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, you should be able to breathe with your nose during the exercise. After about two weeks, your headaches will be less frequent. How To Prevent Migraines


Eat vegetables and nuts

According to Dr. Masckop, magnesium deficiency can potentially fuel migraine. This situation is very common in the US, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than half of the adult population consumes less than 400 mg of the daily requirement of magnesium.

To attract more magnesium naturally, use spinach, beet, almonds, Indian almonds, and Brazil nuts, which contain more than 70 mg of minerals per meal. He also recommends the supplements of magnesium such as Migralex: the daily use of 400 mg of magnesium oxide can help your headache disappear in a couple of weeks.



Reduce the consumption of coffee

Everyone who addicted to coffee knows that leaving caffeine can cause a terrible headache. Not only removing this drink from breakfast can cause a headache, but also people who sip coffee in the morning will actually prevent headaches.

Solution: Reduce your consumption to 8 ounces a day (around 226 g) so the lack of coffee in one day does not mean loss of a huge modifier for your body system. 8 ounces is a small amount. Dr. Masckop says down your consumption slowly and tries to cut it down to a cup a week to reach 8 ounces. How To Prevent Migraines

Have enough sleep

Masckop says decreasing even very small amount of daily sleep can lead to headache the next day, closer eyes and sleep will make the brain more sensitive to migraine and headache triggers such as bright lights and high tones of the brain. The goal is to have at least seven hours of night’s sleep and that the program is stable even during the weekend. If you have difficulty sleeping, consult a doctor.



Meditation is effective to prevent headaches and migraine. Because it eliminates the most common cause of headache, stress. Take 10 minutes of meditation a day and go through it to over 30 minutes.


Strengthen your neck

Dr. Masckop says the idea of doing the neck exercises may sound crazy, but the science that supports this kind of therapy is not a joke. The pressure on the neck area – due to bending over the phone or holding the phone between the neck and shoulder – can lead to the nerves connected to the pressure and lead to headaches and migraine.

If the headache is due to pressure on the neck, the pain in the neck area will be felt before or with headache.

Strengthening the neck muscles in the first place can prevent muscles cramps and prevent further headaches. He says if you do the exercises to strengthen the neck every day, you see a recovery in two weeks.

Drink more water

The body’s dehydration is one of the common causes of headache, Dr. Masckop said. It can be because of the shortage of water, denser blood and blood flow is reduced to the brain. He said:” There is no hard rule to drink a drink of water a day, and this is more than any other factor that depends on the weight of people and the weather.” To ensure that you drink enough water, be mindful of the color of your urine that has to be relatively bright, if it was full of color your body is deep, and you need to drink more water. How To Prevent Migraines



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