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Cucumber and tomatoes a simple diet


Cucumber and tomato are food ingredients that fit for a thin diet because of their low calorie intake. Cucumber and tomato regimes are one of the best and simplest diets for thinness.

Fresh vegetables are known for their vitamin and, minerals, but these nutrients are much more than a feeding plant, they can replace high calorie foods and help your weight reduction efforts by adding your meals to your meals. Half a cup of cucumber and raw tomatoes, 10 to 20 calories, adds vitamin A and vitamin C to your daily diet. Import these vegetables into a balanced diet (which includes other healthy foods) can help you lose weight in your manual.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(46).pngFirst step:

Replace the raw cucumbers and raw tomatoes with granola bars, cheese, crackers and crisps. The low density of vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers makes them more productive than nutrients, which in every dash have more carbohydrates and fats. By eating these vegetables at a time when you need a snack, you can go with less calories, which will help you eat less during the day. Adding these vegetables with non-fat proteins such as roast chicken or cooked beans, will help you feel fuller after your meal.

Second step:

Add the raw cucumbers and tomatoes as a sub – meal and eat them first before eating your meal. Because of high water content and fiber content, they add a low calorie volume to your meals, and help you to feel full and reduce the likelihood of your excess in the main meal.


Third step:

Eat cucumber or raw tomatoes with a low calorie salad sauce. By adding other flavors to the vegetables, you can diversify your food menu and look up buds.

Plants like coriander and pour it on chopped cucumber and tomato can also help you add a low calorie food to your diet. By choosing delicious vegetable foods instead of stuffed ingredients, you can reduce your daily energy intake.

Step four:

Put a clear dish containing tomatoes and chopped cucumbers somewhere in the refrigerator where it can be easily visible. When you get hungry, comfort often overcomes the violent of the diet. If you are prepared in the accessible place, vegetables are more likely to go instead of high – calorie diets.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(46).pngStep five:

Lower the amount of calories that you use in your diet, such as meat, cheese, and mayonnaise, and instead add extra slices of cucumber and raw tomatoes. This reduces the calorie content of your sandwich, while also tasting the flavor, nutrition, and the brittleness of your sandwich.


Always wash cucumber and tomato before using them. Raw vegetables can make mistakes that make you sick.

While raw cucumbers and tomatoes are rich in specific vitamins, they have a bit of protein, essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, and other important nutrients. So don’t try to use a diet that contains only tomatoes and cucumbers.

When choosing a tomato that you want to consume raw, look for those that are completely red, tight, and aromatic. Do not use tomatoes that have green or yellow stains.

The delicious cucumbers are usually the ones that are green, and there is no soft place and they have not swollen at the middle.

These vegetables are naturally low fat, their consumption of calorie dense sauces or other materials, which have dense calories, can ineffective the low calorie benefits.

Exercise and a balanced diet, and maintaining them, are very important to achieve your desired goals. To get the best results in weight loss, don’t rely just on vegetables.


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