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Best earrings for your face model


The right earring for the round face:

With a long round of earrings, shrinking the round face down, the earrings like tear and chandeliers in the shape of the best earrings for round faces. Long earrings with uneven geometrical figures can also be a viable option for round faces. Small earrings such as nail earrings, ball earrings and round are not suitable for round faces, too. The round – ring earrings are not recommended for such portraits. Best Ear Rings Of Your Face

The right earring for the long face:

Nail earrings and button earrings are a good option because it draws attention away from your long face. The round earrings are also usually a good sign to their faces. Most of the old chandelier earrings are used for long faces, provided that the width of the earrings is greater than the length of it. Laminated earrings can also be suitable for long faces.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(45).pngThe right earring for the face like a heart:

These types of faces are flat above and thin bottom the face. For this reason, the most appropriate ear rings are the ones that are thin above and at the bottom are flat, such as the reverse triangle earrings or earrings like tear. The round – ring earrings are usually not good for such faces, but elliptical earrings can be good.

The right earring for the diamond face:

If your goal is your chin look a bit wider, you need to choose the shape of these ear rings: short earrings, small tear earrings, pear – shaped earrings, elliptical earrings, nail earrings, diamond earrings and triangle earrings. Best Ear Rings Of Your Face



The right earrings for the square face:

In square shaped faces that have a big chin line, earrings are good to take the attention away from the chin, such as circle earrings. You should not use square – shaped ear rings every size and size. Best Ear Rings Of Your Face

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(45).pngThe right earrings for the rectangular face:

The rectangular faces are the choice of earrings that are longer than the length of them or the round ear rings, from the choice of earrings with a tear angle, rings and earrings with curved edges. Notice that if you have a rectangular shape and long hair, the tear earrings should not be taller or wider than your chin.

The right earrings for the triangle face:

For this form faces the best choice is round and circle earrings. Earrings which have certain angles such as triangles, square and diamond will not be the right choice. Best Ear Rings Of Your Face

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